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The Bizkaia Tower accelerates the expansion of the International Entrepreneurship Center

Jesus Carames

April 2, 2023 | 7:37 a.m.

The demand for space in the Torre Bizkaia International Center for Entrepreneurship has led to the start of work to fit out the last seven floors, originally planned in two phases

The Torre Bizkaia International Entrepreneurship Center, also known as B Accelerator Tower (BAT), has experienced such success that the decision has been made to accelerate its expansion. Instead of adding spaces in two phases as planned, preliminary work has begun to fit out the last seven floors, which go from 10 to 19, in a single process.

La 80% occupancy in the first four plants, along with the demand for new companies to set up shop in them, has fueled this rapid expansion. Floors 10-19 will offer an additional 7.000 square meters of offices to house more companies and transformative ideas.

The International Entrepreneurship Center was inaugurated on September 19 with the aim of creating a internationally connected ecosystem in which startups, corporations, venture capital firms, technology centers and universities interact to launch innovative solutions and new technology projects.

This ambitious project has attracted the attention of giants such as Google, which has taken an interest in this public-private initiative promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Bilbao City Council.

The dealership PwC, in charge of leading the project together with Talent Garden and Impact Hub, has shown interest in opening the following phases ahead of schedule. The reason is the success of the first phase and the need to respond to the existing demand in the market. The collaborating entity of the regional department of Economic Promotion, BEAZ, has agreed to undertake the two phases at the same time.

Azpiegiturak, the foral public company in charge of building public infrastructure and equipment works, has put out to tender the preliminary works for the fitting out of floors 10 to 19. The base budget for the tender is 1,1 millones de euros, VAT included. Once the works have been awarded, the company will have a period of 25 weeks to execute them.

This rapid expansion of the International Center for Entrepreneurship in Torre Bizkaia demonstrates the commitment to innovation, technology and the transformation of the economic model in the region. The attraction of companies and investment to Bizkaia that reinforce this strategy and contribute to improving the business ecosystem of the territory is a key objective of the project.

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