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The charm of Donzietti's Elisir is reborn at ABAO Bilbao Opera

ABAO Bilbao Opera rejuvenates Donzietti's Elisir

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 17, 2023 | 3:32 pm

The world of opera in Bilbao dresses up with the arrival of «L'elisir d'amore», a jewel of charm that returns to the scene with the help of ABAO Bilbao Opera. This classic, which has not been enjoyed in Bilbao since 2012, promises to be a cultural event top level, combining the best of lyrical art with a fresh and innovative staging.

Innovation and tradition in the staging of ABAO Bilbao Opera

La ABAO productionDirected by Marina Bianchi, represents a novel approach to this masterpiece. Bianchi, in his debut at ABAO, offers a clean and dynamic proposal that highlights youth and falling in love. Set in Italy in the 50s, the scenery evokes the essence of Italian neorealism, reminding us of masters such as De Sica and Rossellini. This environment provides a unique setting for the story of love and deception woven by Donzietti.

Top-notch cast for an exceptional opera

The cast selected for this production could not be more successful. Joel Prieto, renowned tenor, debuts in ABAO playing Nemorino, the desperate lover, while the soprano Elena Sancho Pereg, awarded in 2017, gives life to the capricious Adina. The performance of Pablo Ruiz as Belcore and Paolo Bordogna in the role of Dulcamara add nuances of comedy and depth to the show. The presence of the talented Marta Ubieta as Giannetta closes a cast that promises to leave its mark.

A top musical direction

The baton of teacher Iván López-Reynoso will be crucial to bringing the score to life Donzietti. Considered one of the most outstanding young conductors in Mexico, his return to Bilbao after the concert with Javier Camarena in 2015 is highly anticipated. López-Reynoso's ability to highlight vocal lines within a complex orchestration will be key to the success of this production.

The public, a key piece in the magic of Elisir

The public's interaction with this work is essential. The ABAO production seeks not only to present quality opera, but also to create an immersive and moving experience for attendees. The combination of an exceptional cast, inspiring musical direction and a staging that evokes a golden age of Italian cinema promises to make this production «L'elisir d'amore» an unforgettable event in the world of opera.


  1. What is the premiere date of «L'elisir d'amore» at ABAO Bilbao Opera?
    • The opera premieres on selected dates, with a special performance within the Opera Berri cycle.
  2. What makes this production of “L'elisir d'amore” unique?
    • The production stands out for its fresh and dynamic approach, set in the 50s and with a clear influence of Italian neorealism.
  3. Who are the main performers in this production?
    • Joel Prieto as Nemorino, Elena Sancho Pereg as Adina, and a highly talented complementary cast, under the direction of Iván López-Reynoso.

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