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The Ertzaintza has controlled the navajero in the nightlife of Bilbao

Jesus Carames

April 7, 2023 | 8:28 a.m.

The security adviser Joshua Erkoreka, recently confirmed that the Ertzaintza has found fewer bladed weapons in the environments of nightlife establishments since special security devices were put into operation two months ago. In an interview with Euskadi Irratia, Erkoreka highlighted that, although many bladed weapons were seized in the first weeks, after a while, mainly drugs were found and the corresponding files were initiated.

Erkoreka pointed out that, despite the decrease in the discovery of bladed weapons, it is necessary to wait a longer period to determine if it is a sustainable trend in the time. The Security Minister also discussed the possibility of adopting additional measures in premises with a capacity of less than 700 people if the security situation requires it.

In 2019, a regulation was approved that establishes the obligation to implement security measures, such as metal detectors or pat-downs, in nightlife establishments with a capacity of more than 700 people. However, the same regulation contemplates the possibility that venues with less capacity must also adopt these measures, depending on the security conditions and the level of crime in each case.

Erkoreka explained that they have already taken two decisions in relation to the adoption of additional security measures in establishments with a capacity of less than 700 people and that other cases are being analyzed. The objective is to evaluate if there are security reasons that justify the implementation of similar measures in other places.

The implementation of security devices in nightlife environments in the Basque Country has generated promising results regarding the reduction of bladed weapons. Although it is still early to determine if this trend will continue in the future, the adoption of additional measures in places with less capacity could contribute to improving security in these environments and discourage the commission of crimes.

It is essential that the authorities continue working on the prevention and control of crime in nightlife settings, not only through the implementation of security measures in establishments, but also through collaboration with the venues themselves and public awareness. . The protection of the security and well-being of citizens must always be a priority in any public security policy.

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