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The Makro highway will eliminate water ponds by August

Makro road rafts

Mairenis Gomez

February 11, 2024 | 8:29 a.m.

A new era for mobility in Erandio: the BI-735 elevation project

Let's speak clearly and directly, as we like in Bilbao and throughout Bizkaia, The water ponds on the Makro highway, a headache for drivers and merchants, are counting their days. The Bizkaia Provincial Council has launched a project that is not only ambitious but also hopeful. With an investment of 1,8 million euros, it is planned to raise a half-kilometer section of the BI-735, a solution that promises to put an end to a chronic problem that affects our mobility and security.

Direct impact on the daily life of Erandio

The section of BI-735 in question is not just any road. Daily, 14.877 vehicles pass through here, including a significant 6,6% of heavy vehicles.. The area is not only home to the Makro wholesale shopping centre, crucial for many local businesses, but also serves as a vital alternative route for those looking to avoid traffic jams in the Txorierri corridor.

However, the rains quickly transform this vital artery into a real obstacle, forcing total closures and diverting traffic to less efficient routes. It is a problem that we know all too well, especially in times of heavy rain, and that demanded a definitive solution.

The work: a technical challenge and a promise of improvement

In addition, The project not only focuses on raising the road but also on reconfiguring the space to improve circulation and safety. The works include filling and reducing the road platform, without affecting the parallel stream, and the creation of a new roundabout to facilitate access to the Makro and eliminate dangerous crossings.

Planning and adaptation

Starting next Monday, February 12, and until mid-May, the road will be closed in both directions, with marked detours to minimize inconvenience. In the medium term, these inconveniences will be offset by a safer and more efficient road, better able to withstand inclement weather.

An investment in the future of Bizkaia

This project is a clear example of how investment in infrastructure can directly improve the lives of citizens. Beyond the immediate solution to the problem of water ponds, the elevation of the BI-735 is an investment in safety, in the local economy and in the quality of life of all of us who travel through Erandio.

A joint work

Ultimately, these works are not only a response to a current need but also a commitment to the future. Ensuring our infrastructure can meet the challenges that climate change and increased traffic could present. The collaboration between the Provincial Council and the Erandio City Council, seeking and executing the best solution. It is an example of how working together can lead to results that benefit the entire community.

Makro road rafts
Innovative solutions for the BI-735 highway

A promising future: the transformation of the BI-735

Undoubtedly, the initiative to raise the BI-735 highway, and eliminate the water ponds on the Makro highway, It is more than a work; It is a step forward in our constant search for safer mobility, efficient and resilient. As people from Bilbao and Bizkaitarras, we are used to facing challenges and looking for practical and lasting solutions. This project not only improves our daily lives but also reflects our ability to adapt and continuously improve. As we look forward to seeing this important project completed in August, we can feel optimistic about the positive impact it will have on our community.

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