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The new life of the La Casilla pavilion in Bilbao

wilmer ayala

March 27, 2023 | 2:41 p.m.

Bilbao is preparing to revitalize the historic La Casilla pavilion with an investment of 20 million euros and a 40-year concession to a company in charge of building and operating the new sports center and multipurpose spaces. This ambitious project seeks to economically boost the environment, where around 4.000 people reside, and turn it into a space for events of all kinds, such as concerts and boxing evenings.

The Bilbao City Council has approved the Economic Feasibility Report and, after a period of public exposure of one month, it is expected that the tender specifications will be put out to tender to carry out the works during the summer. Juan Mari Aburto, mayor of Bilbao, has announced that the cost of construction works will amount to 17 million euros, although the contract is raised to 20 million for the maintenance of the facilities throughout the concession, which will be for 40 years.

The project includes the demolition of the current La Casilla pavilion, inaugurated at the end of the 60s, and the construction of a new building with a sports center that will include various rooms, a swimming pool and underground parking. In addition, spaces will be set up for other uses, such as commercial areas or multipurpose venues to host events of various types.

Bilbao City Council has in mind that the new equipment will also be used for nightlife activities, such as concerts or boxing evenings, events that were already common in the old pavilion. However, Asier Abaunza, Councilor for Works, has clarified that the opening of nightclubs in space is not contemplated.

The project also includes the urbanization of the square adjacent to the pavilion, which will contribute to improving the aesthetics and functionality of the environment. The municipal authorities consider that the renovation of La Casilla represents an opportunity to economically boost the area and improve the quality of life of its 4.000 residents.

Mayor Aburto has emphasized that La Casilla is more than just a sports center, but that it is "a city project" aimed at modernizing and promoting the streets of the area. In this sense, various municipal actions will be carried out in Autonomía, Labayru, the lower area of ​​Irala and Gordóniz streets.

The transformation of the pavilion La Casilla in a multifunctional space and modern is a clear example of how cities can adapt to the changing needs of their inhabitants and offer new opportunities for leisure, sports and culture.

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