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The strike in Bilbao Kirolak intensifies: lifeguards, monitors and control personnel join the mobilizations

Jesus Carames

June 4, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The strike in Bilbao Kirolak, which initially involved maintenance staff, has intensified with the support of lifeguards, monitors and control personnel. These mobilizations, which will begin today and will last until June 30, seek to pressure the administration to improve the working conditions and salaries of workers.

Impact on sports facilities

The extension of the strike will have a significant impact on the Bilbao Kirolak sports facilities. Outdoor pools, which depend on maintenance staff for their safe opening and operation, will remain closed during the strike period. In addition, the lack of lifeguards and monitors will directly affect safety and the offer of activities in these facilities.

Workers' demands

Bilbao Kirolak workers have expressed several key demands, including:

  • Salary improvements: Employees seek a salary increase that adequately reflects current workload and cost of living.
  • Labor conditions: They demand better working conditions, including more flexible hours and a reduction in work overload.
  • Job security: Workers are calling for measures to ensure their safety and well-being, especially those in high-risk roles such as first responders.

Response from Bilbao Kirolak

So far, the Bilbao Kirolak administration has not issued a formal response to the new adhesion to the strike or to the demands raised by the workers. The extension of the strike increases the pressure on the administration to enter into negotiations and find a solution that satisfies both parties.

Impact on users

Users of the Bilbao Kirolak sports facilities will also be affected by these mobilizations. Discontinuation of services such as lifeguard monitoring and monitor-led activities could decrease attendance at pools and other facilities, which in turn may raise safety and well-being concerns among users.

Next steps

The next few days will be crucial in determining the development of this strike. The Bilbao Kirolak administration must decide whether to begin negotiations with the workers or face a prolongation of the mobilizations that could significantly affect operations during the summer.

In conclusion, the strike at Bilbao Kirolak, now joined by lifeguards, monitors and control personnel, highlights the urgent need to address employees' labor concerns. The situation requires a prompt and effective response from the administration to avoid further disruptions and guarantee the safety and satisfaction of users of the sports facilities.

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