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The taxi in Bilbao cheaper than in Donosti and Vitoria

Mairenis Gomez

May 15, 2024 | 4:30 p.m.

Bilbao offers more affordable taxi rates compared to other Basque capitals

Bilbao stands out for offering taxi rates cheaper compared to other Basque cities such as San Sebastián and Vitoria. FACUA-Consumers in Action has published a detailed study on urban taxi rates in 57 Spanish municipalities, revealing surprising data. This analysis includes various variables such as the minimum run, 1 km, 5 km and 10 km routes at different times.

San Sebastián leads the list of the most expensive cities to get around by taxi

San Sebastián occupies first place in the list of the most expensive cities to travel by taxi, with a score of 78 out of 90. Vitoria is in third place with 63 points, while Ourense is in second place with 66 points. By contrast, Bilbao is in a more favorable position, in the middle of the table with 43 points.

Significant differences in the costs of short trips

In addition, the price differences are notable, especially on shorter routes. For example, a 1 km trip in San Sebastián during the day costs 5,96 euros, while in Zaragoza it costs only 2,90 euros, which represents a difference of 105,7%. Additionally, daytime drop-off rates vary significantly, with Ceuta offering the lowest rate at 1,10 euros and San Sebastián the highest at 4,71 euros.

Annual increases in taxi fares

The study also highlights annual increases in taxi fares. Santa Cruz de Tenerife has experienced the largest increase with 22,9%, followed by Pamplona with 9,5%, and Cádiz and Vitoria with 7,5%. In Bilbao, rates have increased by 3,1% compared to the previous year.

Comparison of prices on night and day routes

Even during the night, prices also vary considerably. San Sebastián maintains its position as the city with the most expensive minimum ride at night at 6,91 euros. Valencia and León follow with 6,50 euros and 6,14 euros respectively. On average, the minimum night run in Spain costs 4,89 euros, while during the day it is 3,87 euros.

FACUA-Consumers in Action has published a detailed study on urban taxi rates in 57 Spanish municipalities,

Cities with the lowest rates

At the opposite extreme, Ceuta and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria stand out for having the lowest taxi rates with only 7 points each. Huelva and Cádiz also offer competitive prices, with Huelva being the peninsular city with the cheapest rates.

Undoubtedly, The FACUA study highlights the great disparities in taxi fares throughout Spain. While San Sebastián and Vitoria are among the most expensive, Bilbao offers a more affordable option for city residents and visitors. This information is crucial for those looking for more affordable transportation options and highlights the need for more equitable regulation of taxi fares nationwide.

It is essential that the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia are informed about these rate differences to make more conscious decisions when using taxi services. Knowing this data, it is possible to opt for cheaper alternatives and better plan urban trips.

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