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UN-Habitat and Bilbao join forces to promote sustainable urban tourism

Bilbao UN-Habitat

Mairenis Gomez

March 16, 2024 | 3:55 p.m.

Bilbao, an emblematic city for its transformation and sustainable growth, will host an event that will mark a before and after in sustainable urban tourism.

On March 21 and 22, 2024, the Bilbao Maritime Museum will become the center of a momentous meeting, international experts, under the leadership of UN-Habitat and with the collaboration of the World Tourism Organization. They will meet to discuss, share and sow the seeds of change towards tourism that respects and promotes sustainability in all its dimensions. The interaction between tourism and urbanization has profound implications, and the event seeks to address them with an integrative and humanistic vision.

Innovation and sustainability: the combination of the future of tourism in Bilbao

The essence of these sessions lies in the dynamic interaction between experts from various sectors. Success stories of cities that, like Bilbao, have known how to combine tourist attraction with sustainability policies will be analyzed. It is a forum not only for reflection but for action, where strategies will be proposed so that cities can benefit from the benefits of tourism without compromising their sustainable future.

The relevance of this event is not minor; It is found in the growing interest in tourism that is aware of its impact and that contributes positively to local communities. In a world where sustainability has become an essential requirement. Bilbao and its visitors have a unique opportunity to lead the way towards an urban tourism model Let it be an example worldwide.

Challenges and opportunities of sustainable tourism in the urban environment

The challenges of sustainable urban tourism are numerous but not insurmountable. The meeting in Bilbao will serve to identify these challenges, understanding local and global realities. But more importantly, it will be a space to explore innovative solutions.. That they not only attend to the preservation of the environment. But they also promote social inclusion and economic development.

Furthermore, it is essential that this meeting does not remain just words. The results and conclusions reached will have practical relevance, laying the foundations for policies and action plans that will be discussed at future international events. The commitment is to the present, but above all, to the future of our cities and communities.

The role of Bilbao as a model of sustainable urban tourism

This event is no coincidence. It is celebrated in Bilbao for something very specific: the city is a benchmark in urban reinvention and the integration of sustainability into its development model. Bilbao's experience, together with those of other leading cities, will contribute incalculable value to the debate and the search for globally applicable solutions.

Bilbao UN-Habitat
An emblematic city for its transformation and sustainable growth

Joining global forces: Bilbao at the forefront of sustainable tourism

Furthermore, the participation of renowned entities such as UNESCO, UNEP, ICOMOS and UCLG will enrich the meeting with a broad and diverse vision.. This meeting in Bilbao is not just another conference; It is a call to action, a space to learn, share and commit to tourism that enriches cities and their inhabitants.

In short, on March 21 and 22, 2024, Bilbao will not only be a witness, but also a protagonist and teacher, in the evolution towards a more responsible, inclusive and sustainable tourism with UN-Habitat. We are facing a crucial moment, and the responsibility falls on everyone: experts, citizens and visitors. We are faced with the opportunity to rethink and transform urban tourism for the good of our cities and for the legacy that we will leave to future generations.

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