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Visionary proposal 'Abando Taupadak' wins the Bilbao municipal competition

Mairenis Gomez

February 18, 2024 | 1:31 p.m.

Setting guidelines for future urban development

The competition called by the City Council of Bilbao, looking for the best proposal to revitalize an area of ​​130,000 square meters, has reached its conclusion. The 'Abando Taupadak' proposal, presented by the OVE Arup & Partners SAU team, Arquitectura Agronomia, SL P, G&C Arquitectura y Urbanismo, has been highlighted as the winner, thus setting the course for the future urban Development of Abando.

Award and masterplan development

This visionary team will be awarded 26,446.28 euros and will be responsible for developing the Abando Masterplan. This includes detailed urban planning, study of alternatives, drafting of the Urbanization Preliminary Project, graphic elements, documentaries and 3D and audiovisual material to facilitate understanding of the project.

Recognition of urban excellence

For their part, 'Bilbo_ehuten' and 'Abando, del monte a la estuary' were the highest rated proposals after 'Abando Taupadak'. The teams behind these proposals will receive 9,917 and 5,785 euros respectively. Furthermore, the jury, made up of experts in architecture and urban planning, highlighted the quality and originality of these proposals.

A rigorous and transparent process

However, of the five initial proposals, only four were evaluated, since one was excluded for not respecting the anonymity of the competition. This rigorous process ensures impartiality and transparency in the selection of the winning proposal.

Innovation in the urban design of 'Abando Taupadak'

Now, 'Abando Taupadak', the winning proposal focuses on enhancing the continuity of the future central park, integrating it into the historic vault. The design seeks to visually free up space from Abando towards the park, creating a unique relationship. Tree subdivision and the creation of vegetated rings draw attention, while the residential fabric is organized to maximize solar exposure.

Highlighting integration and functionality

In addition, 'Abando Taupadak' received the highest score for its integration with the future underground station. The conservation of the historical vault, pedestrian and road access, as well as attention to mobility with areas for taxis, buses and bicycle parking, were aspects that stood out positively to the jury.

Pedestrian access and remodeling of public spaces

For its part, The jury highlighted the precise and correct treatment of pedestrian accesses, including important interventions such as the remodeling of José María Olabarri Square. 'Abando Taupadak' proposes a new entrance to the garage from Navarra Street, buried under the urban level of the upper plaza.

Abando Taupadak proposal
The winning team, composed of OVE Arup & Partners SAU, Arquitectura Agronomia, SLP, and G&C Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Objective achieved and future projection

Without a doubt, the competition, started last March, fulfilled its objective of advancing the future of a key area for Bilbao, both in urban planning terms and in social and economic impact. 'Abando Taupadak' is projected as a key proposal for this transformation, offering a visionary and sustainable approach for the city's future urban development.

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