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Volotea expands winter routes to Florence and Marrakech from Bilbao

Mairenis Gomez

June 15, 2024 | 1:00 pm

This decision seeks to respond to the growing demand for flights and consolidate the airline's presence at Bilbao airport.

The routes offered by Volotea to Florence and Marrakech during the summer will be extended to next winter. This news was announced this Friday morning by the head of Airline strategy, Gabriel Schmilovich, at an event held at the Chamber of Commerce. The head of the low-cost company, which offers direct flights from La Paloma with 26 airports of the State and Europe, gave this news at the conference within the cycle of presentations 'The Fridays of the Chamber'.

Schmilovich highlights the good activity of Volotea in Bilbao with recent data

Until last May, the occupancy of flights from this airport has been 94%. This indicates that supply adapts perfectly to demand, despite the fact that the first three months of winter tend to be those with the least aeronautical pull. The forecasts for this summer are optimistic, based on the reservations already closed. Volotea launches this season a route with the Italian capital of Bari and resumes connections with Castellón and Murcia, adding up to 26 destinations.

An offer that has led Schmilovich to assure that "this year we will exceed 2,5 million passengers from Bilbao and in 2025 three million"

Bilbao works well all year round, which reduces seasonality and allows it to maintain a constant supply, serving not only the tourist market.. In addition to the extension of flights to Florence and Marrakech, flight capacity will be expanded this winter on routes to Porto and Alicante. This prosperity predicted for La Paloma has led Schmilovich to demand the growth of the airport, announced a few months ago by AENA, the airport manager responsible for Bilbao's infrastructure. Schmilovich has assured that "you need the expansion" planned to be carried out between 2027 and 2030.

He has also dared to predict that after the record reached last year of 6,3 million passengers

This growth is based on the increase in tourism and the traveling nature of the Basques, creating a very important synergy of demand. In this context, Volotea plays a crucial role. In addition to being the second airline with the most routes after Vueling, Schmilovich has specified that "we have no ceiling and as the situation is, it will allow us to grow more."

Volotea projects up to 1.200 new routes in Europe from Bilbao by 2025

Asked about new destinations for the next summer season of 2025, the Strategy director did not want to advance proposals. However, he did specify that "we have up to 1.200 routes throughout Europe on the radar that can be launched, some of them from Bilbao."

Without a doubt, this expansion of routes and capacity, together with the possible expansion of the airport, predict a promising future for La Paloma and for travelers from Bilbao and Bizkaia.. With these strategies, Volotea is positioned as a key airline in the growth and development of the region's aeronautical sector, always adapting to the needs and demands of the market.

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