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What is the drug Tusi, the pink cocaine learned in Mazarredo?

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

In a preventive control of nightlife and knives carried out this morning in the area of ​​Mazarredo, Bilbao, the Ertzaintza seized various narcotic substances and a kitchen knife. The operation resulted in the arrest of one person and the investigation of another for alleged crimes against public health.

Preventive control of nightlife and knives leaves 17 people identified for drug possession

The Ertzaintza deployed a preventive operation in the busy area of ​​Mazarredo, known for its nighttime activity. During the control, 17 people were identified for drug possession. Among the confiscated substances, a pink synthetic drug known as “tusi” predominated. This increasingly popular narcotic is highly addictive and dangerous, alarming both authorities and the community.

In addition to the "tusi", the agents seized cocaine wrappers and small amounts of marijuana. A kitchen knife was also confiscated, raising concerns about safety in nightlife areas.

One of those arrested was a man in possession of 10 grams of "tusi." Authorities are also investigating another individual who tried to get rid of seven wrappers of the same substance by throwing them on the ground. Both face charges for alleged crimes against public health.

El Tusi: The synthetic drug that worries the authorities and Bilbao

“Tusi”, also known as “pink cocaine”, has gained notoriety for its powerful effects and high addictive potential. It is a synthetic drug that combines different chemicals, which makes it especially dangerous. Its attractive pink color has made it a fashionable substance in certain nightlife circles, but its consumption carries serious health risks.

The seizure of “tusi” in Bilbao is not an isolated event. The proliferation of this drug has generated concern among security forces and health authorities. Its consumption can cause devastating effects on the nervous system, including paranoia, extreme anxiety and permanent damage.

The Ertzaintza operation, which included the confiscation of other drugs and a kitchen knife, highlights the need to maintain preventive controls in areas with high nighttime traffic. These controls are essential to guarantee public safety and prevent the spread of dangerous substances.

The actions of the Ertzaintza are framed in the Law for the Protection of Citizen Security, which allows the seizure of drugs and weapons in situations of risk to the community. The detainees and the people under investigation now face judicial proceedings for their alleged crimes.

Repercussions and future measures to combat drug trafficking and consumption

The arrest of individuals and the seizure of dangerous substances in Bilbao underline the importance of preventive police operations. The Ertzaintza continues working to dismantle drug trafficking networks and prevent the consumption of narcotics in public and private spaces.

It is crucial that the community be alert and collaborate with authorities to combat drug trafficking and consumption. Awareness campaigns and rehabilitation programs play a vital role in this fight. Education about the risks associated with the use of synthetic drugs can help reduce demand and protect young people from falling into these practices.

Authorities have emphasized the importance of reporting any suspicious activity and maintaining open communication with law enforcement. Collaboration between citizens and the police is essential to keep nightlife areas safe and free of dangerous substances.

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