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20 new electric charging points in Metro Bilbao park and ride facilities

Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 7:20 p.m.

In an effort to promote sustainable mobility, the metro park and ride parks in Leioa, Etxebarri and Ibarbengoa will be equipped with twenty new electric charging points, a significant increase that will multiply those currently existing by ten. This initiative will make it possible to offer one charging point for every thirty parking spaces, thus exceeding the requirements of current regulations that establish one point for every forty spaces.

Green infrastructure expansion

The Bilbao Metro network, which includes four park and ride facilities located at strategic points—Leioa, Etxebarri, Ibarbengoa and Ansio (BEC)—seeks to facilitate the combined use of private vehicles and public transportation, thus reducing vehicle congestion and pollution in the urban center. Currently, these car parks operate aligned with the metro schedules, allowing a maximum use of 24 hours aligned with the continuous metro service.

With the implementation of Royal Decree-Law 29/2021, which regulates the installation of charging stations in parking lots, Metro Bilbao is advancing a significant update of its infrastructure. Thirty charging points will be distributed among the three car parks managed by Metro Bilbao, thus providing extensive coverage for electric vehicle users.

Technical installation details

The charging points will be semi-fast, with a power of 22 kW, allowing a complete recharge of the vehicle in approximately one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the capacity of the vehicle. This contrasts with home charging stations, which typically offer slower charging, and fast-charging service stations, which can charge a vehicle to 80% in just half an hour.

Location and capacity

  • Ibarbengoa: Six new wall charging points will be installed on the -2 floor, offering modern facilities for a total of one hundred operational spaces.
  • Leioa: This car park will have eight ground charging points, distributed among its 254 spaces, which include both restricted access and free use areas.
  • Etxebarri: Similar to Ibarbengoa, it will have six wall charging points, adapted to its outdoor parking configuration that covers 167 spaces.

Environmental and economic impact

The installation of these charging points not only promotes the use of electric vehicles, a cleaner and greener alternative compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, but also aligns with Bilbao's broader sustainability and urban development goals. In addition, improving the electrical infrastructure in park and ride facilities boosts the local economy by creating jobs related to the installation and maintenance of these charging stations.

With these advances, Bilbao is positioned as a leader in the promotion of sustainable and modern urban mobility, encouraging other municipalities to follow its example in adapting to the needs of the future of transport.

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