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2,5% of RGI recipients do not respond to Lanbide

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 18, 2024 | 4:05 p.m.

In an effort to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Income Guarantee Income (RGI) system, Lanbide has identified more than a thousand recipients who They have not collected official notifications. This situation has led the Basque Employment Service to take vigorous measures, including in-person summonses and possible sanctions, in order to ensure the correct administration of public resources and equity in access to aid.

The Income Guarantee Income (RGI) system is crucial for many families in the Basque Country, providing essential economic support for those in vulnerable situations. However, the effectiveness of this system depends largely on the cooperation and compliance with certain administrative procedures by recipients. In this context, Lanbide has detected that more than a thousand RGI beneficiaries have not collected the notifications sent in relation to their aid.

Rigorous measures to ensure accountability

Given this significant volume of non-response, Lanbide has announced that it will meet these recipients in person. This step not only seeks to verify compliance with the requirements for receiving aid, but also to update any changes in personal circumstances that could affect the amount of aid they receive. Lack of communication can be indicative of a number of issues, from unreported address changes to potential incompatibility between receipt of RGI and other unreported sources of income.

The new RGI law, implemented a year ago, had among its objectives the streamlining of administrative processes to adapt aid more quickly to the changing circumstances of recipients. However, the effectiveness of these measures is compromised if beneficiaries do not actively participate in the process of reviewing and updating their data.

Possible consequences of inaction

If those mentioned do not appear at the Lanbide call, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated. This procedure not only responds to a need to maintain integrity and fairness in the distribution of public aid, but is also a crucial component for the responsible administration of public funds. Sanctions, although severe, are a necessary tool to guarantee that financial support reaches those who really need it and under the conditions stipulated by law.

This measure also serves as a reminder to all RGI recipients of the importance of maintaining fluid and up-to-date communication with Lanbide. The responsibility not only falls on the administering body, but also on the beneficiaries, who must ensure that they comply with all requirements and procedures to continue receiving their aid.

An evolving system

The RGI system is constantly under review to improve its responsiveness and efficiency to the socioeconomic dynamics of the Basque Country. Lanbide, in its role of supervising and managing this system, is committed to implementing strategies that not only streamline processes but also strengthen transparency and fairness in the allocation of resources.

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