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4 people injured in a multiple accident on the A-8 in Bilbao

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Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 14, 2024 | 11:39 a.m.

A collision between six vehicles on the A-8 in Bilbao has left four people injured and has caused significant delays in the Galdakao direction.

This Tuesday morning has been complicated on the A-8 as it passes through Bilbao, due to two multiple accidents that have caused significant delays and the transfer of several injured people to the hospital. As reported by the Security Department of the Basque Government, the first accident occurred around 08:05 hours and the second, more serious, at 09:25 hours.

First accident on the A-8 and its consequences

Early in the morning, a collision between three vehicles on the A-8, near Miraflores in Bilbao, generated delays of up to six kilometers in the Galdakao direction. This first accident occurred at 08:05 a.m., just before joining the AP-68 highway. The vehicles involved blocked the left lane, which complicated the flow of traffic.

Fortunately, in this first accident there were no injuries, and the damaged vehicles were removed from the road around 09:00 a.m., allowing traffic to return to normal.

Second accident and evacuation of injured people to Cruces Hospital

The second accident, more serious, occurred at 09:25 a.m. on the same road, near the fork with the AP-68. In this case, six vehicles collided, resulting in four people being injured. The victims were quickly transferred to Cruces Hospital to receive medical attention.

This accident caused significant delays on the A-8 towards Galdakao. Traffic authorities and emergency teams worked quickly to clear the road and manage the situation. Thanks to these efforts, traffic returned to normal before 11:00 a.m.

Detentions and traffic management after accidents

The delays caused by both accidents reflect the vulnerability of traffic on roads as busy as the A-8. The prompt intervention of emergency services and the coordination of traffic authorities were crucial to minimize the impact and restore circulation in the shortest possible time.

The Security Department of the Basque Government has highlighted the importance of remaining calm and following the instructions of the authorities in emergency situations on the road. In addition, they have stressed the need to take extreme caution while driving, especially during rush hours and in sections of high traffic density.

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