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54.559 Basques have already voted

Jesus Carames

April 19, 2024 | 7:45 p.m.

Correos has processed a total of 54,559 postal votes for the imminent elections to the Basque Parliament this April 21, reflecting a significant decrease of 52.8% compared to the previous regional elections in July 2020, which registered a historical record, but still showing an increase of 14% compared to the September 2016 elections.

According to data provided by Correos, of the 57,726 postal vote requests received, 54,550 were admitted, distributed among the provinces of Araba with 7,564, Gipuzkoa with 16,961, and Bizkaia with 30,034. This admission represents 94.51% of applications processed, a conversion percentage that closely aligns with previous election cycles, where 94.18% was observed in 2020 and 91.64% in 2016.

Voting by mail is accessible to residents of the Basque Country, those Basques who, being registered in the autonomous community, temporarily reside elsewhere, and for those who, living permanently abroad, retain their right to vote in the region.

To face this process, Correos has deployed a comprehensive set of resources that include organizational, technological, logistical and human improvements. In preparation for election day, more than 300 reinforcements have been hired, covering tasks in offices, delivery of correspondence and operations in logistics centers.

On election day, Correos will play a crucial role in delivering votes by mail to the 2,695 polling stations spread across 724 locations in the 251 municipalities of the Basque Country. This operation will have the support of more than 200 Correos professionals and will use the entire fleet of vehicles necessary to guarantee the effective and safe delivery of each vote.

This deployment not only underlines Correos' commitment to fulfilling its mandate during electoral processes, but also ensures that every voice, every vote cast by mail, is properly counted in this important democratic exercise.

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