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560 million euros in refunds: Treasury prepares its largest income campaign

560 million euros in refunds The Treasury prepares its largest income campaign

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 12, 2024 | 8:32 p.m.

The Foral Treasury of Bizkaia begins the 2023 income campaign with an estimated refund of 560 million euros and 663.000 expected declarations

In a panorama where fiscal responsibilityl takes a central role in the lives of the citizens of Bizkaia, the Provincial Treasury launches its income campaign for the 2023 financial year, marking a milestone in the tax management of the province. With an estimate of 560 million euros in returns and a total of 663.000 expected declarations, the tax administration is preparing for its largest operation to date, aiming for effective management that is close to the taxpayer.

This year, Several new features designed to simplify the process and offer greater benefits to taxpayers stand out.. From the adjustment of rates to mitigate the impact of inflation to the introduction of support measures derived from recent jurisprudence. The Foral Treasury demonstrates its commitment to justice and fiscal equity, adapting its processes to the economic and social realities of its citizens.

With technology as a great ally

The tax administration offers various ways to submit the income tax return, guaranteeing accessibility and convenience for everyone. An essential tool for this process, the draft return has become an invaluable resource, providing taxpayers with a solid foundation for their return, with pre-populated data and the ability to make adjustments as necessary.

This effort by the Provincial Treasury not only reflects a citizen-centered approach, but also underlines the importance of transparent and efficient fiscal management. Digitization and simplification of procedures They emerge as fundamental pillars in this new era of taxation, facilitating compliance with tax obligations and promoting a culture of fiscal responsibility.

In addition to improvements in the declaration process, social deductions play a crucial role in fiscal relief for the people of Biscay, ranging from support for people with dependency to incentives for investment in housing. These measures not only directly benefit taxpayers, but also promote the social and economic development of Bizkaia.

The Foral Treasury also places special emphasis on tax education and advice, providing taxpayers with all the necessary tools for an informed and conscious declaration. Transparency and constant dialogue between the administration and citizens are established as central axes of modern and effective tax management, in which each Biscayan feels supported and understood by their Treasury.

Botton line, the 2023 income campaign of the Foral Treasury of Bizkaia is presented as a clear reflection of a tax administration that evolves, adapts and is committed to the well-being of its citizens. With a projection of 560 million euros in refunds and various improvements in the declaration process, this year marks a before and after in the way in which the people of Biscay approach their tax obligations. Person-centered management, technology as a facilitator and tax justice as an objective are the keys to this new stage in Bizkaia's tax system.

The goal is clear: a closer, fairer and more efficient Treasury, which walks hand in hand with its citizens towards a future of shared prosperity.

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