June 14th, 2024 | 6:17


A car's overturning of the bell causes major delays on the A-8 towards Galdakao

The return plan is activated on Basque roads and airports

Mairenis Gomez

May 17, 2024 | 7:26 p.m.

Traffic was diverted along BI-636 after the accident in Zazpilanda

A serious incident has caused major road chaos on the A-8 in the Galdakao direction. The overturning of a car near Zazpilanda has generated large delays, forcing the authorities to cut the road to remove the accident vehicle.

The accident occurred on one of the busiest roads in the region, and the consequences have been immediate. Traffic is being diverted on BI-636, which has increased congestion on that alternative route. This situation has caused long queues and has affected many drivers trying to reach their destinations.

Status of occupants and removal operation

It is not yet known if the occupants of the car have been injured. Traffic authorities and emergency services have quickly arrived at the scene of the accident to manage the situation and secure the area. The priority is remove the overturned vehicle from the road to resume normal traffic flow as soon as possible.

The intervention of emergency teams is crucial at this time. Their job not only involves removing the car, but also ensuring that there are no fuel spills or other dangerous materials that could complicate the situation.

Impact on traffic and recommendations for drivers

The car rollover is causing significant delays and inconvenience for drivers on the A-8. All motorists who must travel this route are recommended to consider alternatives and follow traffic directions to avoid the affected area.

In addition, it is advisable to stay informed through the media and traffic updates to know the status of the road and plan alternative routes. The patience and collaboration of all drivers are essential to minimize the impact of this incident on traffic.

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