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Advantages of vacation rentals over long-term rentals

Mairenis Gomez

May 16, 2024 | 3:52 p.m.

Vacation rentals have become an increasingly popular option among property owners. Gartxot, an active user on Twitter, has recently shared his reasons for preferring vacation rentals over traditional ones. This approach is based on profitability, risk reduction and greater clarity in transactions.

Greater profitability and lower occupancy

One of the main arguments in favor of vacation rentals is the greater profitability. «With vacation rentals, I charge more for fewer days,» says Gartxot. This modality allows properties to generate more income with less wear and tear. By not being continuously occupied, the properties are kept in better condition, ready to receive new guests.

Prolonged absence of occupation

Vacation rentals offer a significant advantage: Tourists have defined entry and exit dates. "I do not face the risk of having to evict someone who decides to make my property their permanent home," Gartxot points out. This eliminates the complications and potential disputes that can arise in long-term rentals, where tenants become settled and can be difficult to evict.

Protection against illegal occupation

In a context where squatters can be protected by law, vacation rentals are presented as an effective solution to avoid this problem. «The vacation rental is my shield,» Gartxot assures. The constant rotation of tenants minimizes the risk of someone illegally occupying the property and generating lengthy legal battles.

Lower risk and greater clarity

The traditional rental market in Spain can be complex and risky. «It is a minefield where you are going to find people who deceive you and also hate you in equal measure,» comments Gartxot. In contrast, vacation rentals offer greater transparency and simplicity in transactions. Payments are usually made in advance, and vacation rental platforms provide a clear framework for resolving disputes and ensuring security for both owner and tenant.

A stable and profitable business approach

Gartxot emphasizes that his approach "It is aligned with a business vision that puts stability and profitability above the legal and financial adventure that long-term rental entails." This perspective reflects a growing trend among landlords seeking to maximize their income and minimize the risks associated with renting out their properties.


Vacation rentals offer multiple advantages over long-term rentals, especially in terms of profitability, risk management and clarity in transactions. For owners like Gartxot, this modality represents a safer and more profitable way to manage their properties, avoiding the challenges and complications of traditional rental. With the growing demand for holiday accommodation and the support of specialized platforms, holiday rentals are becoming an attractive and viable option for many owners in Spain.

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