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Algorta approves use of 95 spaces in the San Nicolás municipal parking lot

Mairenis Gomez

June 18, 2024 | 8:00 pm

The Algorta city council and its commitment to the community

In the heart of Algorta, Plaza San Nicolás has become the center of attention due to an important initiative of the City Council. Authorizations will be granted for the use of 95 parking spaces in this strategic location. This movement is the result of an agreement between the municipal government (EAJ/PNV and PSE-EE) and the Popular Party-PP, designed to facilitate the approval of this year's General Budget.

Details and conditions of authorizations to use the parking lot

The authorization process establishes an initial duration of two years for each contract, with the option to extend it for another two years, thus reaching a maximum of four years. The cost of each place will be calculated according to its size, varying between €65 and €175/month. In addition, users must pay the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and provide a deposit equivalent to two months' rent.

Once the announcement is published in the Official Gazette of Bizkaia, the period for submitting applications will open. These must be sent using a form available on the City Council website.

Requirements to request a parking space

To qualify for one of the places, applicants must meet certain requirements. They must be of legal age and have been registered in Getxo for at least one year. Your home must be within the area of ​​influence of the parking lot, according to the approved plan. It is also required to have a valid driving license and be the owner or exclusive user of a car.

In the case of the four spaces reserved for vehicles for people with reduced mobility, Those interested must have the “Parking Card for Disabled People” and have an adapted vehicle.

Selection procedure and assignment of places

Once the procedures are completed, applications will be submitted to a public lottery. This lottery will determine the order of choosing the plots, ensuring transparency and equity in the allocation process. It is essential that applicants meet all established requirements to participate in the draw.

Authorizations will be granted for the use of 95 parking spaces in this strategic location

The positive impact of the new San Nicolás parking lot in Algorta

Furthermore, the opening of the San Nicolás car park represents significant progress for Algorta. The collaboration between political parties and the City Council demonstrates how dialogue and cooperation can result in tangible benefits for the community. This measure will improve public space management and offer accessible and regulated parking solutions for Getxo residents.

In short, the San Nicolás parking initiative is an example of effective municipal management, focused on the well-being of citizens. With adequate planning and transparent execution, this measure will contribute to optimizing the use of public space and improving the quality of life in Algorta.

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