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Algorta squatters have their days numbered

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 17, 2024 | 6:26 p.m.

The Getxo City Council and Police intensify efforts to solve the insecurity problems on Sarrikobaso street in Algorta, after the occupation of number 11 by five young people.

The Sarrikobaso Street neighborhood in Algorta has experienced a growing sense of insecurity since five young people occupied number 11. This building has been empty for more than three decades and is in very poor condition. The owners, concerned about possible liabilities in the event of accidents, have denounced the usurpation. The Urban Police, aware of the seriousness of the situation, is working urgently so that the court holds a quick trial and ends this problem as soon as possible.

Police intervention seeks to tackle the occupation and associated criminal acts at the root

The occupation of the building is not the only problem facing the municipality. According to police sources, one of the occupants is accused of a crime of injuries. This young man injured another with a knife during a fight in Plaza San Nicolás. The altercation, which took place on Wednesday, left a young man injured who required hospital treatment. The Urban Police intervened quickly, identifying the aggressors. However, the violence resumed forty minutes later, when the perpetrator of the stabbing returned to the square with a knife.

Eyewitnesses reported that around six people participated in the brawl and broken glass bottles were used as weapons. The seriousness of the events led the six involved to face charges of "riot," a crime classified in the Penal Code that punishes those who endanger the life or integrity of people. In addition, some of these individuals were already involved in other recent fights in the municipality.

Measures of the City Council and the Police to guarantee security and order

Pending judicial progress, the City Council has intensified surveillance in the area. Local Police patrols have increased their presence in response to neighborhood unrest. On Monday, the agents identified the five squatters and took one of them to the police station due to a pending judicial summons. This same individual had previously been transferred by the Ertzaintza for similar reasons.

The local community has noticed changes. Neighbors and merchants comment that the area remains quiet, although the presence of the squatters is evident by an ikurriña in the window of the occupied building. A shop assistant expressed her frustration about the situation, noting that the boarded-up building shows signs of clandestine entrances and exits. Another neighbor described the situation as shameful, criticizing the state of abandonment of these properties that encourages such occupations.

The commitment of the City Council and the Police to restore security in Algorta

The commitment of the Getxo City Council and the Police is clear: they seek to restore security and tranquility in Algorta. Rapid police intervention and increased surveillance are essential steps to address illegal occupation and associated crimes. Cooperation between authorities and neighbors is crucial to ensure that Sarrikobaso Street is once again a safe and liveable place for everyone.

The situation on Sarrikobaso Street is a reflection of broader problems related to illegal occupation and urban deterioration. It is essential that effective and sustainable measures are adopted to prevent these incidents and improve the quality of life of residents. Continuous surveillance, rapid intervention and community support are key elements to achieving these goals.

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