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Arnaldo Otegi advocates for a solution for ETA prisoners in favor of coexistence

In a press conference, Arnaldo Otegi, the general coordinator of EH Bildu

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 6, 2024 | 8:00 p.m.

Otegi's leadership in the plurinationality debate

Arnaldo Otegi, general coordinator of EH Bildu, has raised the need to find a solution for ETA prisoners as a "good measure for coexistence." In a recent interview with Radio Popular, Otegi highlighted that in all conflicts where armed violence has disappeared, prisoners have been able to return to their homes. This statement comes at a time when the debate on the history of ETA is revived, especially as the electoral campaigns approach, where Otegi criticizes that this issue is used repeatedly to win votes.

Recognition and justice for key figures in peace

Otegi, reflecting on the statements of Jesús Eguiguren, former president of the PSE-EE, regretted that both Eguiguren and himself have not been adequately recognized for their role in ending ETA's violence. Eguiguren had previously highlighted Otegi's "key" role in contributing to the cessation of the group's armed activity. However, Otegi emphasizes that more important than the debate about whether ETA's actions were "right or wrong" is the fact that they contributed to their end, which has improved society.

In the interview, Otegi not only addressed issues of the past, but also current and future challenges, such as the situation of prisoners, who, in his opinion, should be reintegrated into society to promote better coexistence. This approach seeks to move away from political calculations and focus on community well-being, a principle he believes applies in peacefully resolved global conflicts.

In addition, Otegi touched on issues of international relevance, comparing the situation in the Basque Country with that of Palestine. He criticized the inconsistency in international perception about the rights to self-determination, questioning why independence is seen as beneficial for the Palestinians but not for the Basques. This comparison underscores Otegi's view of the need for recognition and equity in the treatment of national movements.

The leader of EH Bildu also expressed his support for the current government of Pedro Sánchez, highlighting the opportunity to open the debate on plurinationality in Spain, an issue that has been stagnant for decades. Otegi sees in Sánchez's permanence a possibility of progress in the recognition of national realities within Spain, including the Basque one.

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