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Arrest of hotelier in Sestao for drug trafficking in his bar and home

Jesus Carames

April 3, 2023 | 10:36 a.m.

Un 56 year old hotelier He was arrested in Sestao, Vizcaya, accused of a crime against public health. The Ertzaintza seized 1 kilo of cocaine, 8 kilos of hashish and 17.800 euros in cash at his home and at the bar he ran.

The arrest took place on Friday afternoon, after agents from the Investigation Area of ​​the Ertzain-etxea de Sestao became aware that drugs were being trafficked in a local bar. After several days of surveillance Around the establishment, the agents intervened and intercepted the person in charge of the business when he tried to enter the premises.

Once identified, a search was made at the premises, where two pieces of hashish and around 40 wrappers with doses of cocaine were found. Given the evidence that the establishment was being used for the distribution of illegal substances, they proceeded to seal it off and arrest the manager.

The agents continued with the investigation and, suspecting that the detainee might have more drugs at his home, they requested judicial authorization to search the house. With the help of the Canine Unit, they found 8 kilos of hashish, 1 kilo of cocaine and 17.800 euros hidden in various hidden compartments.

Utensils used for the preparation of the doses were also seized, such as a precision scale, plastic for heat sealing, among others. The detainee, who has a history of similar events, will be brought to justice in the next few hours.

This arrest is an example of the constant work of the Ertzaintza in the fight against drug trafficking and the protection of public health. The investigation and surveillance work of the agents made it possible to dismantle this point of sale of illegal substances and arrest an individual who endangered the safety and well-being of the community.

The collaboration between the Canine Unit and the investigation agents is essential for the success of this type of operation, since it allows the detection of hidden drugs and rapid action in risk situations.

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