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Barakaldo will provide smoke detectors to seniors who live alone

Barakaldo will provide smoke detectors to octogenarians who live alone

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 12, 2024 | 10:31 a.m.

The initiative seeks to reduce domestic risks and detect social fragility in older people

The Barakaldo City Council (Bizkaia) will offer the installation of smoke detectors to the 205 people who live alone and turn 80 in 2024. These new installations will be added to the 1.600 homes that already have this device, as reported by the Councilor for Social Action, Mikel Antizar.

This program seeks to reduce the risks of older people at home and detect possible situations of social fragility. The service also monitors the homes in which the system has already been installed, reviewing the detectors and the psychosocial situation of the users. Antizar recalled that, according to data from SOS Deiak, 8 out of 10 domestic accidents are fires, and older people with reduced mobility are the most fragile in such a situation, and also with the greatest potential risk of suffering fires due to carelessness.

Barakaldo will provide smoke detectors to octogenarians who live alone

With this program, the mayor explained, They check for free "the housing situation, the social situation of the person who lives in it and thus we avoid both physical and social risks.

Information for new potential users

In the next weeks, The City Council will contact new users to inform them of the service, make them aware of its advantages and offer them the installation of smoke detectors in their homes.

Once the service is accepted, aspects related to the physical environment of the home are analyzed (state of conservation and accessibility of both the building and the home), possible sources of fire risk derived from the poor condition and conservation of the gas installations, boilers, electrical installation, ventilation, stoves, kitchens and other equipment are identified within the home. Smoke detectors are installed completely free of charge.

To the neighbors who already have the service at home, Maintenance of the smoke detectors will be carried out, with the cleaning of the slots of the optical screens and device setup tests. In addition, the evolution of both the risk sources and the psychosocial situation of older people since they have had this service will be assessed.

Through this program, Antizar has indicated, They are being able to contact many people who "are older and live alone, reducing their risks at home and showing them the services that the City Council has at their disposal. "That is one of our priorities, so we will continue working with them to avoid situations of unwanted loneliness, neglect and possible incidents," he concluded.

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