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Basque Government inaugurates Bidesari: Pioneer Center for inmates with serious or incurable illnesses

Maria Jose Gonzalez

August 14, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Bidesari: A Shelter for the Most Vulnerable Inmates

El Basque government has taken a significant step in the care of inmates with serious or incurable illnesses. On August 2, it was inaugurated bidesari, a center specifically designed to offer a place of transit to those inmates who lack social or family support.

Opening and Funds

With an investment of 500.000 Euros, Bidesari was promoted by the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies. It has five places and already welcomes two people with delicate health conditions.

Transition to the Third Penitentiary Degree

This center acts as a transit resource for prisoners who must advance to a third degree prison. serves as a previous step to their access to the socio-sanitary system developed by the provincial councils and the Department of Health.

Eusten: A Humanitarian Project

Under the name of eusten, this project is managed by Bidesari, an entity of the Third Social Sector linked to the Penitentiary Ministry of the Bishopric of Bilbao.

Comprehensive and Continuous Care

At Bidesari, inmates receive comprehensive and ongoing care to facilitate basic activities of daily living, including home and health care, provided by the Osakidetza Health services.

Commitments and Obligations of the Inmates

The stay in the center is marked by the sentence and the health of the inmate. In return, they are expected to fulfill obligations such as involvement in the integration process, respect for the rules of coexistence and collaboration in common tasks.

An Innovative Basque Prison Model

The counselor Nerea Melgosa explained that the center is part of the basque prison model promoted by the Executive. With Bidesari, the Basque Government seeks to guarantee a dignified care to the prison population, arguing Humanitarian reasons for the opening.

Access to the Third Degree and Parole

This resource will allow people with serious and degenerative diseases, and with high dependency, to access the third grade as a step prior to the conditional freedom and the social health care system.

A Step Towards the Humanization of Grief

Bidesari's opening is not simply a breakthrough in healthcare; is a step towards humanization of grief in the Basque Country. According to the Basque Government, "no person should spend more days in prison than they are entitled to while serving their sentence."

Bidesari, A Center of Hope and Dignity

The Bidesari center represents a milestone in the treatment and care of inmates with serious or incurable diseases in the Basque Country. The initiative, with its focus on human dignity, reflects a significant change in how prison care is approached in the region. The combination of medical care, social support and a focus on the transition to parole marks a new era in prison care. Bidesari is not just a center of attention; is a symbol of hope and dignity for those facing exceptionally challenging circumstances in the prison system.

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