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Basque industry increases turnover 27% and added value 15.2%

Mairenis Gomez

April 17, 2024 | 7:00 p.m.

Economic impact of the Basque industry in 2022: growth in numbers and added value

I'll start by telling something impressive, In 2022, the turnover of our industry in the Basque Autonomous Community not only increased by 27%, reaching 74.642 million euros, but also, and this is crucial, the gross value added rose by 15,2%, reaching 16.650 million euros. These numbers are not just cold statistics, they represent the effort and resilience of a sector that has overcome enormous challenges, marking a year of remarkable recovery after adversity. recent economics.

A look at investment and productivity in the Basque industrial sector

The story behind these numbers is as much about the past as it is about the future. Investment in Basque industry, which increased by an impressive 39,8% to exceed 2.500 billion euros, is the highest since 2009. This not only shows a recovery; It is a statement of future ambitions. On the other hand, productivity per employed person rose to 81.308 euros, 13,6% more than in 2021. It is evident that not only are we working more, but we are working better, more intelligently.

Distribution of growth and investment by territory

And what happens in the different territories of Euskadi? Bizkaia has been the undisputed protagonist this year, absorbing almost 62% of the total increase in turnover. What's more, the added value in Bizkaia increased by 26,9%, clearly standing out from the rest. However, Álava and Gipuzkoa also showed significant improvements, with increases in their labor productivity of 9,3% and 5,3% respectively. These figures not only reflect economic growth, but also progress towards greater territorial equity in industrial development.

Furthermore, this territorial analysis not only demonstrates the strength of our industry, but also highlights the importance of understanding local dynamics to promote policies that equitably benefit the entire community.

Gross value added at factor cost grew by 15,2%, reaching 16.650 million euros

2022: A year of records and renewal for the Basque industry

Undoubtedly, 2022 has been a year of record figures for the Basque industry, with an increase in all key indicators, turnover, added value, investment and productivity. This trend not only reflects the post-pandemic recovery, but also establishes a solid starting point for future developments. With these foundations, we look forward with optimism, knowing that the Basque industry is not only recovering, but reinventing and strengthening itself for the challenges of tomorrow.

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