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Basque pensioners in the fight against the threat to pensions from the PP and the extreme right

Jesus Carames

May 30, 2023 | 7:30 a.m.

A green wave in defense of pensions

More than 3.000 people joined in a demonstration in Vitoria-Gasteiz, organized by the Barakaldo Pensioners Movement. With green dungarees and banners, the Basque people filled the Plaza Nueva, demanding that the Basque Parliament supplement the lowest pensions until they achieve a minimum pension of 14 monthly payments of 1.080 euros.

walking for a cause

Prior to the concentration, there was a march on foot that started from different points and traveled the road to Vitoria in previous days. Jacinto, a march participant from Barakaldés, shared an emotional account of his experience and announced the forthcoming publication of a brochure compiling the impressions of the participants.

The reality of pensions in the Basque Country

According to data shared by the movement, 168.000 pensioners in the Basque Autonomous Community and another 52.000 in the Foral Community do not reach 1080 euros per month. The cost of the demanded complement would be 230 million euros and 60 million respectively, a figure that, according to the estimates of the pensioners, is within the reach of both communities.

an urgent demand

The increase in the cost of living and the gender gap make this demand urgent. It was announced that Pensioners from Navarra will make the same demand in front of the Parliament of Iruñea on May 29.

Solidarity with the workers of the residences

The spokespersons for Pensioners also joined in the celebration of the recent agreement obtained by the workers in residences in Bizkaia after a long strike. They insist on the need to improve the conditions of caregivers and advocate for the publication of the service and its inclusion within the public health system.

Protests against green capitalism

The Pensioners Movement has also joined the protests against the presence of the World Bank in the BEC, denouncing what they call "green capitalism." They criticize the attempt to take advantage of the environment and destroy it, under the facade of a green painting.

The fight continues

Referring to the threat that a possible right-wing government represents for acquired rights, the pensioners emphasize the need to continue fighting. The danger of a cut in pensions, they allege, is real if PP and Vox come to power in Madrid.

Finally, the movement makes a call to continue participating in the squares, convening for next Monday, June 5 at Herriko Plaza. The Barakaldo Pensioners Movement makes it clear that they will not take a step back in their fight for decent pensions.

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