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Basque youth overcome pandemic pessimism and look to the future with hope

Basque youth overcome pandemic pessimism and look to the future

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 27, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

Basque youth are writing a new chapter in their history, marked by renewed optimism and growing confidence in the future. This change in perception is significant and is supported by concrete data that reflect substantial improvement in several key aspects of your life. The Aurrera Begira report, carried out by the Basque Government, not only draws a portrait of a more satisfied youth with her academic and social life, but also more hopeful about her work and economic future.

Youth unemployment rate at its lowest point since 2008

Basque youth overcome pandemic pessimism and look to the future

One of the most encouraging news is that unemployment among young people aged 16 to 29 has reached its lowest level since 2008, standing at 10,8%. This figure contrasts markedly with the 30% reached in 2013 and 23,9% in 2020, evidencing a notable recovery in the labor market for Basque youth. Furthermore, the employment rate in this age group has reached 44,5%, the highest since 2009. These data are not only a reflection of a recovering economy, but also of effective policies and strategies aimed at improving opportunities jobs for young people.

Personal and academic satisfaction in Basque youth

The study reveals that, in terms of personal satisfaction, young Basques rate their present moment at 65 out of 100, and their personal satisfaction index reaches 71 out of 100. These numbers, which exceed those of the previous year, are indicative of well-being widespread in areas such as family, friendships and studies. However, challenges still persist in aspects such as economic and labor, fundamental for the emancipation of young people.

The employment situation, traditionally a source of concern, shows signs of improvement. The perception of the risk of job loss or job insecurity has decreased, and there is greater optimism about the possibilities of finding work. It is notable that 72% of unemployed young people consider it likely to get a job this year, and 80% of students are confident of finding a job according to their training upon completion of their studies.

Regarding expectations of forced emigration and the postponement of life projects such as motherhood or fatherhood, a decrease in concern is observed. This suggests greater confidence in the possibility of building a future in their homeland.

This analysis, based on an online survey with a significant sample of 6.737 young people, offers a comprehensive vision of the challenges and opportunities faced by Basque youth. It reflects a resilient and adaptive spirit, values ​​that have been strengthened in the difficult times of the pandemic. and that now illuminate the path towards a more promising future.

The rebirth of Basque youth according to the report Aurrera Begira It is a story of improvement and hope. Despite the obstacles faced in recent years, there is a clear trend toward improvement in several key aspects of your life. This encouraging outlook is not only good news for them, but also for the entire Basque society, which benefits from having a young generation that is more prepared, confident and committed to its future.

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