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Bilbao Exhibition Center promotes sustainable mobility with more electric charging points

Miguel Castillo

July 3, 2023 | 9:02 a.m.

The Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) fairgrounds is consolidated as a benchmark for electric mobility in the Basque Country, after expanding its network of charging points for electric vehicles with the inclusion of 24 new spaces, adding to the three already existing at entrance C of the parking lot.

New repertoire of chargers for electric vehicles

These new charging points, of varied specificity, meet the needs of a wide spectrum of electric vehicles, considering their different capabilities and requirements. Located on level -1 of the north and south transepts of pavilion 4, there are 6 double three-phase wall chargers with their own hoses, with a power of 11 kW per outlet, 4 double single-phase wall chargers, with a power of 7,4 kW in each socket, and 2 single-phase double chargers with two conventional 7,4 kW female sockets, designed for vehicles without the Mennekes connector.

BEC and Repsol united for sustainable mobility

This initiative is coordinated by Repsol, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable electric mobility and the reduction of carbon emissions. Through the Repsol Waylet application, users can manage the charging of their electric vehicle, locate the charging points, find out all their characteristics (powers, connectors, availability, etc.) and make the payment.

Repsol currently has around 200 public charging points in the Basque Country, of which more than 160 are in operation.

Bilbao's commitment to sustainability

El Bilbao Exhibition Center is leading the way towards sustainability, demonstrating that institutions can play a vital role in the transition to electric mobility. These new charging points reflect a proactive approach to facilitating the use of electric vehicles, while reinforcing Bilbao's reputation as a city committed to a cleaner and greener future.

The expansion of the BEC charging network not only represents a significant improvement for visitors to the venue, but is also a clear sign of Bilbao's vision of the future, its commitment to sustainability and its determination to face the challenges of climate change. With each new charging point, Bilbao takes another step towards its goal of being a leading city in electric mobility.

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