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Metro Bilbao implements buses after catenary breakdown

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 18, 2024 | 3:42 p.m.

In response to a significant electrical breakdown in the catenary between Etxebarri and Basauri, Metro Bilbao has activated a bus service to ensure the mobility of users affected by the temporary suspension of metro service. This incident, which caused delays and the evacuation of Basauri station, highlights the importance of an agile response system in the management of critical public transport infrastructure.

This Tuesday, a failure in the catenary interrupted the usual service of the Bilbao Metro, an essential component for the daily lives of thousands of citizens who depend on this transport for their urban trips. The incident occurred on the line that connects the Etxebarri and Basauri stations, two nerve centers in the metro network.

Eviction and closure of Basauri station

The situation began with a technical problem that not only forced the evacuation of the Basauri station but also led to its temporary closure to prevent further complications. The ticket cancellation systems stopped working properly, which prevented access to new passengers and facilitated evacuation efforts.

In an effort to manage the situation and mitigate the impact on users, Metro Bilbao announced the introduction of an alternative bus service. From 15:10 p.m. on the same day, and for the rest of the day, buses would leave every 20 minutes from the bus shelters adjacent to the Etxebarri and Basauri stations. These vehicles have been arranged to cover the affected route in both directions, thus ensuring a transportation option for all those affected.

Quick and efficient response

Train service was resumed with reduced frequencies, using a single track to allow transit while technical problems were fully resolved. This decision to operate with a single lane demonstrates the flexibility and rapid response capacity of the transportation system in the face of unforeseen adversities.

Catenary repair work is scheduled to be carried out overnight, with the aim of restoring service to full capacity by the start of operations the following day. This prompt intervention not only minimizes inconvenience to users but also reflects Metro Bilbao's commitment to safety and efficiency.

Incident controlled without major incidents

Despite the potential severity of the breakdown, which included a small fire quickly controlled by metro operators, the quick action of emergency services, including firefighters and police, ensured that no injuries or major damage were reported. This type of coordinated response is crucial in public infrastructure management, especially in mass transportation systems where passenger safety is the top priority.

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