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Metro Bilbao solves catenary problem

Metro Bilbao solves catenary problem

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 19, 2024 | 9:24 a.m.

The breakdown in the catenary that affected the service between Etxebarri and Basauri has been partially resolved

On Thursday, Metro Bilbao users experienced significant inconvenience due to a catenary breakdown near Basauri, which caused the suspension of the service on the section between Etxebarri and Basauri from 9:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. This interruption in service forced the company to implement a contingency plan that included the deployment of buses to cover the affected route.

The buses operated efficiently, facilitating the mobility of passengers affected by the breakdown.

Despite efforts to quickly resolve the issue, The train service has been forced to operate with reduced frequencies, using a single track, which has resulted in minor but manageable delays. Metro Bilbao technicians They have worked tirelessly through the night, a strategic decision to minimize inconvenience to users and ensure that the service can resume normally as soon as possible.

Metro Bilbao solves catenary problem

The buses, which have been a crucial element in the management of this crisis, operated with regular departures every 20 minutes from the Etxebarri and Basauri stations. This measure not only demonstrated Metro Bilbao's response capacity in the face of unforeseen events, but also its commitment to the safety and comfort of its passengers, avoiding stops in less accessible areas such as the Ariz station.

The collaboration between the various Metro Bilbao teams has been essential for the rapid response and repair of the fault.

This morning, Metro Bilbao reported that the fault has been mostly repaired and that they hope to resume regular service at the start of the day. However, users are advised to pay attention to official announcements and plan their trips in advance., as minor adjustments to regular schedules may occur while the full repair is being completed.

Metro Bilbao's communication efficiency and transparency during this incident are commendable. The company has used various channels to keep its users informed, from announcements at stations and trains to real-time updates through its digital platforms.

This situation has highlighted the importance of rigorous maintenance and constant supervision of the metro infrastructure. Likewise, it highlights the need for continuous investments in technology and staff training to be able to respond effectively to any type of contingency.

The citizens of Bizkaia, Accustomed to an efficient and safe metro service, they can expect any inconvenience to be treated with the utmost seriousness. and professionalism, as has been demonstrated on this occasion. Metro Bilbao remains committed to improving and expanding its services to ensure that they are a reliable and preferred transportation option for all.

Metro Bilbao's quick action and effective communication in the face of this adversity not only minimized inconvenience to users, but also reinforced confidence in the company's ability to manage crises. Continuous efforts to improve and maintain infrastructure will be key to avoiding future incidents and ensuring that the metro service remains one of the most valued in the region.

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