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Bizkaia ambulance strike comes to an end

Pau ambulance sabotage

Jesus Carames

April 19, 2024 | 5:35 p.m.

After months of tension and negotiations, the Osakidetza outsourced ambulance strike has been called off just before the Basque elections on April 21, marked by debates on the management of public health. The unions and the management companies have reached an agreement that significantly improves the working conditions of the workers, which has been crucial for the suspension of the strike that began on February 19.

The agreement, which will govern the new collective agreement for the next five years, includes a salary increase of 30.64%, distributed in stages until 2028, and a reduction in the working day by 124 hours per year, thus equating the conditions of these workers with those of the direct staff of Osakidetza.

In addition, the pact introduces improvements in seniority, updates in professional categories and maintains the replacement contract, among other measures. This agreement also includes security clauses to guarantee the application of what was agreed and ensure the continuity of the agreement until its renewal.

On Monday the service will be restored

The Department of Health has expressed its satisfaction with the resolution of the conflict, underlining the importance of restoring normality to an essential service that directly affects citizens, especially sick and vulnerable people. The Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, has emphasized that although the negotiation was the responsibility of the companies and workers' representatives, the Department has actively collaborated to facilitate a solution.

This resolution comes at a critical moment, given the electoral context and the public attention focused on the management of health services by the Basque government. The progress made in the agreement not only benefits workers in the sector but also improves public perception of health administration on the eve of the elections.

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