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Bizkaia has 55.553 vehicles without the MOT passed

Euskadi reports that 8.1% of its vehicles do not have the ITV in force

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 12, 2024 | 1:00 pm

A study reveals that more than 99.000 vehicles in the Basque Country have not passed the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), putting road safety at risk

In Euskadi, 8.1% of the vehicle fleet does not have the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) in force. This is equivalent to 99.373 vehicles, according to an analysis carried out by 'Mechanical Reports' based on data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). This figure includes cars, motorcycles and other types of vehicles, all less than 25 years old andThey could be circulating without the mandatory technical inspection or have not been administratively discharged.

The study details that Bizkaia is the territory with the most vehicles without a valid ITV, accumulating 53.553 units. Of these, 23.778 are passenger cars, 13.960 motorcycles and 15.815 belong to other categories.. This data means that 8.8% of Bizkaia's vehicle fleet circulates without technical inspection. In comparison, Gipuzkoa and Araba present lower figures, with 31.344 and 14.476 vehicles respectively, although the problem persists throughout the autonomous community.

Euskadi reports that 8.1% of its vehicles do not have the ITV in force

In Bilbao, 13.683 vehicles do not have a current ITV, followed by Barakaldo with 3.796 and Getxo with 2.910. These figures underline the magnitude of the problem in the largest urban areas of Bizkaia.

The consequences of not passing the ITV: safety and legality at risk

The general director of 'Mechanical Reports', Sergio Arboledas, has highlighted the importance of the ITV. Some drivers see the inspection as a collection procedure, But Arboledas affirms that "passing the MOT significantly reduces the risk of having an accident and improves safety on the roads." The technical inspection is a guarantee for both the driver and the rest of the road users, ensuring that the vehicles comply with the established safety and emissions standards.

It is essential that drivers are aware of the importance of keeping their MOT up to date, not only to avoid sanctions, but also to contribute to greater road safety. Failure to comply with this obligation can result in fines and, most importantly, an increased risk of accidents due to undetected mechanical failures.

The current situation in Euskadi regarding the ITV is worrying. With more than 99.000 vehicles without MOT, it is imperative that action is taken to increase awareness and compliance among drivers. Safety on the roads depends on it.

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