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Bizkaia leads in Europe with double the number of electric station installations

Mairenis Gomez

May 1, 2024 | 4:34 p.m.

The dynamism of Bizkaia in the implementation of infrastructure for electric vehicles

I observe from my daily experience how Bizkaia has not only doubled the average European in the installation of electric stations, but has also positioned itself as a reference in the sustainable mobility. Last year, compared to the 31.25% growth across the European Union, our region experienced an increase of 74.5%, raising the number of public charging points from 149 to 260. This progress is evident in the figures updated by Electromaps , marking a path towards a deeper ecological consciousness rooted in the community.

Regional contrast and long-term vision

While Bizkaia advances, neighboring regions show a mixed picture. Gipuzkoa, despite having previously led, is now surpassed with a modest increase of 27% in electric stations, adding just 41 new installations last year. For its part, Araba, although it leads in percentage terms with a growth of 122%, starts from a much smaller base, with only 20 connections at the beginning of the period. This regional disparity underlines the need for a coordinated and ambitious strategy at the level of the entire Basque Autonomous Community, and beyond, throughout Europe.

European Challenge and call to action

Furthermore, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (Acea) warns us of a crucial challenge: to meet the CO2 reduction targets for 2030, it is necessary to eightfold annual charging points. This increase in infrastructure is essential to support the growing sale of electric vehicles, which has far exceeded the pace of installation of new electric stations. Without an adequate and escalated response, the gap between current capacity and future needs could compromise decarbonization efforts across the region.

The dynamism of Bizkaia in the implementation of infrastructure for electric vehicles

Current reality and future needs

Even Last year, more than 150,000 charging points were installed in the EU, but projections indicate that by 2030 we will need 3.5 million points to reach the established goals.. This reality places us in front of a monumental but achievable challenge, as long as the pace of investment and commitment seen in Bizkaia is maintained, which not only adjusts to the growth in infrastructure but also accompanies the increase in the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles. plug-in devices with a 43% increase in sales.

Without a doubt, I live this process with pride and hope. Bizkaia's progress is not only a technical achievement, but a testimony to the commitment of our community with a sustainable future, projecting our province as a leader in the energy transition not only in Spain, but throughout Europe.

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