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Bizkaia opens a new center due to the rise of migrant minors

opening new center

Mairenis Gomez

February 23, 2024 | 1:22 p.m.

New center for migrant minors in Sopuerta

In the last weeks, Bizkaia has experienced a notable increase in the number of unaccompanied foreign minors, a phenomenon that has put the capacity of our regional reception network in check. The response of the Provincial Council has not been long in coming, the opening of a new center for migrant minors en sopuerta. A measure that underlines our commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

The context of the decision: an increase that challenges our resources

I have observed how, recently, the number of boys and girls without family references in our province has been increasing. This increase not only strains our network of residential protection resources, but also prompts us to adopt extraordinary measures. The opening of the center in Sopuerta is a clear example of how from the provincial institution we are responding to this situation with concrete actions, guided by the legal and moral imperative to protect these minors.

Community Reaction and the importance of solidarity

The news of the opening has generated various reactions in Sopuerta, including protests by some neighbors. However, I want to highlight the importance of maintaining and promoting a tolerant, open and supportive attitude, values ​​that have characterized our Biscayan society in the face of previous challenges. It is crucial that, as a community, we offer a welcoming environment to these young people, who have faced difficult circumstances to reach us.

Provincial council and city council united for integration

In addition, The Bizkaia Provincial Council, aware of the need for effective communication, is working closely with the Sopuerta City Council. Our objective is to guarantee good coordination and provide first-hand information to neighbors, thus ensuring that the integration of this new center is carried out in the most harmonious way possible.

In first person, I want to express my conviction in our community's ability to overcome this challenge. The opening of the center in Sopuerta is not only a response to an urgent need, but also an opportunity to once again demonstrate our solidarity and commitment to the rights and well-being of all individuals, regardless of their origin.

Looking to the future: commitment and solidarity

This moment represents a turning point for us in Bizkaia. Although we face challenges, we also have a unique opportunity to lead by example, showing the world our ability to integrate and protect the most vulnerable. The opening of this new center in Sopuerta is a step forward in our continued commitment to human dignity and solidarity.

As a citizen and as part of this community, I am convinced that together we can and must provide a more promising future for these minors. I urge you all to embrace this challenge with an open heart and willing mind, always remembering that the strength of Bizkaia It lies in its people, in our ability to come together in times of need.

opening new center
The opening of a new center in Sopuerta

A new dawn in support

Ultimately, The opening of the new center for migrant minors in Sopuerta is tangible proof of our resilience and humanity. As a society, we have a responsibility to ensure that these young people receive not only the shelter and care they need, but also the opportunity to build a hopeful future. Together, we can make this challenge a success story, demonstrating that solidarity and compassion are unbreakable values ​​in Bizkaia.

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