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Bizkaia pensioners return to the fight from next Monday

Laura Rangel Ybarra

September 1, 2023 | 8:00 p.m.

Movements and concentrations of pensioners in the Basque Country

The voice of the pensioners of Basque Country It hasn't gone silent, it's just paused. After a brief summer break, the Movement of Pensioners of Euskal Herria (MPEH) is preparing to resume its mobilizations in the streets. The date set for this return will be September 4, marking a continuity in their protests that they have been holding for 69 consecutive weeks, extending to more than 80 locations in the Basque Country.

The main claim of this group revolves around the defense and improvement of their benefits, among which a minimum pension of 1080 euros stands out.

Return to the fight and previous demands

The platform has shown its discontent with the lack of attention to its demands by political forces. "Before the elections, we asked the political parties to include our fundamental demands in their programs," they commented. However, once the electoral process is over, the feeling is that their requests have not been attended to or incorporated into the government agendas.

The scheduled concentrations will take place in emblematic places in Bilbao, Irún and Vitoria. In Bilbao, the meeting point will be at 12.00:XNUMX noon on the stairs of the town hall building, a familiar place for these demonstrations.

A worrisome economic outlook

The group has shown great concern about the current economic outlook. The difficulties in maintaining their standard of living with pensions that are still below 1080 euros are increasingly palpable, especially in a context where rising prices directly affect their ability to access basic goods and services. From food and medicine to decent housing conditions, everything seems to be out of reach.

With a year-on-year CPI estimated at 2,6% for August and a core inflation rate of 6,1%, pensioners report that conditions have deteriorated further. Faced with this scenario, some companies report record profit figures, widening the gap between the most affluent and those who struggle on a daily basis.

In Bilbao they will demonstrate again next to the town hall building, at 12.00:XNUMX p.m.

Claims and future actions

The group not only demands an increase in pensions. The list of demands includes ending the gender gap in pensions, repealing the reduction coefficients for those who opt for early retirement with 40 years of contributions, and the elimination of pension plans that encourage the privatization of benefits.

In the words of the collective itself: «We will report our demands to the political groups in Congress. We will demand a clear position from the parliaments of Navarre and the Basque Country regarding the supplementary report to 1080 euros that we have presented. We are convinced that keeping the pressure on the streets is our best tool to achieve our goals."

The mobilizations of pensioners in the Basque Country represent a clear example of the tenacity and resistance of this group. Despite the obstacles and the lack of concrete responses from policy makers, their resolve remains intact. The defense of their rights and the search for decent living conditions are the banners that, week after week, these brave men carry with pride in the streets of Euskadi. The appointment is given and the fight, far from being extinguished, resumes with more force than ever.

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