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Bizkaia reinforces reception for victims of sexist violence

Bizkaia is preparing to offer more than 200 shelter places to victims of sexist violence

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 30, 2023 | 5:08 pm

Bizkaia is committed to exceeding 200 shelter places for victims of sexist violence, before him notable increase in cases in recent years. This measure seeks to guarantee an adequate and effective response to a growing and alarming social problem.

Increase in cases and institutional response in Bizkaia

In the last decade, sexist violence has shown a worrying increase in Bizkaia. The figures speak for themselves: from the 107 women assisted in 2014, this number rose to 285 in 2022. This substantial increase has forced the Provincial Council to reinforce reception resources. Now, it is projected to exceed 200 emergency and mid-stay places before the end of the year. Teresa Laespada, deputy for Employment, Social Cohesion and Equality, firmly states: "There has not been a single victim who has been left unattended."

The reality of these women and their children, who must flee from their attackers, has led to an increase in resources allocated to their care. In the immediate reception center, the places have been expanded by 60%, and support floors have been added for medium stays. In addition, a specific center has been created with 32 places and 42 more have been set up in residential centers for young people, including victims of sexist violence and their children.

Challenges and institutional commitment for the future

El Last year, these emergency places welcomed 285 women and their children, with an average stay of 32 days. In the medium-stay places, almost 200 women were cared for for an average of 309 days. By the end of the year, it is planned to increase by 41 additional places, reaching a total of 211. Representative Laespada emphasizes the importance of "educational support and residential resources" in all these spaces.

This commitment is also reflected in the increase in the budget for the Women's program next year, with an increase of 30%. The increase of 41,75% for psychological care for victims of sexist violence and 39,80% for community care for minor victims stands out.

La provincial deputy has asked to establish "ethical limits" in addressing these issues, advocating for more alliances and removing the issue from the partisan debate. This request arises in response to the concerns of Bea Ilardia of EH Bildu, who questions the attention capacity of the Provincial Council and the effectiveness of existing resources.

In conclusion, Bizkaia faces a significant challenge in the fight against sexist violence. Expanding shelter resources and increasing the budget are essential steps to ensure that no victim is left without care. This effort demonstrates the Provincial Council's commitment to offering a comprehensive and effective response to a problem that deeply affects society.

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