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Bizkaia with 5 essential castles for an unforgettable historical trip

Mairenis Gomez

April 15, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

A look at the history and architecture of the region

Talk about Bizkaia and not to mention its castles is to miss a crucial part of its architectural and cultural history. Although cinema and television have not focused their attention here as in other regions of Spain, Bizkaia is home to medieval gems that deserve to be recognized and visited. I invite you to discover these 5 castles that are witnesses of the past and custodians of stories that have survived time.

Arteaga Castle: a neo-Gothic emblem in Urdaibai

Located in the Urdaibai reserve, Arteaga Castle stands out for its neo-Gothic tower built in 1856. This castle, originally from the XNUMXth century, was rebuilt by Napoleon III and Eugenia de Montijo. Today, converted into a hotel, it continues to maintain its essence of elegance and majesty. Surrounded by a unique natural landscape, it offers an experience where history merges with modern comfort.

Concejuelo Castle or Loizaga Tower: history and collector cars

In Galdames is the Concejuelo Castle or Torre Loizaga, a medieval fortress that currently houses an impressive museum of classic vehicles. This place, which combines 14th century architecture with a complete collection of Rolls-Royce models, represents a unique fusion of history and technology, where each room tells both stories of battles and automotive innovations.

Muñatones Castle: traditional Basque architecture with a story worth telling

For its part, Muskiz is home to the Muñatones Castle, built between the 14th and 15th centuries. ANDThis building is not only notable for its architecture but also for its history, since it was the residence of Lope García de Salazar, an emblematic figure of the Middle Ages in Bizkaia. This monumental complex invites visitors to explore the depths of Basque history in an environment that has seen centuries of evolution.

Butrón Castle: a fairy tale in Basque reality

Butrón Castle, with its appearance straight out of a fairy tale, is perhaps the most famous in Bizkaia. Founded in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 19th century, this castle encapsulates the history of the Basque nobility and its conflicts over the centuries. Although it can currently only be admired from the outside, its imposing structure and the gardens that surround it are enough to transport any visitor to an era of legends and battles.

A fairy tale in Basque reality

La Galea Fort: a witness to military history in Getxo

Although today it may seem like just a ruin, the La Galea Fort in Getxo is an important vestige of 18th century military architecture in Bizkaia. This fort, along with its lighthouse, although disused, is located in a natural setting that offers not only a window into military history, but also impressive views of the Basque coast.

Undoubtedly, All Bilbao residents and visitors to the province of Bizkaia must rediscover these spaces not only as mere places to visit, but as living chapters of our rich history. A walk through these castles is not just a trip back in time, it is a tribute to the history and culture that have shaped this region.

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