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Complaints of sexist violence in Bizkaia on an unstoppable rise

Protest against violent machismo.

Jeickson Sulbaran

October 13, 2023 | 4:15 p.m.

Drawing of a Darkened Panorama

The phenomenon of gender violence has tragically permeated today's society, whose clear reflection is found in the recent increase in complaints and victims in Euskadi. These are not numbers and statistics in isolation, but rather a collective cry that marks the urgent need for a structured and multidimensional solution to the problem.

Unraveling the Figures

The alarm raised by a del% increase 9 in complaints of sexist violence and a 11,2% in the number of victims during the second quarter in Euskadi, is exacerbated when observing the realities and faces behind these figures. Between April and June, 1.637 complaints were filed and the same number of female victims were registered.

Victim Profiles: Nationalities and Ages

Breaking these numbers down further, 942 victims were Spanish and 695 foreigners, thus showing an increase in 22,4% of foreign victims in contrast to the 4,2% of the Spanish ones. The presence of a minor among the victims raises not only consternation but also questions about the effectiveness of the protection measures available.

The Silence that Stuns

98 women chose to take advantage of the constitutional right not to testify against their attackers, representing a decrease in 29,5% Compared to the same period of the previous year. Of these women, 59 They were Spanish and 39 foreigners, raising questions about the role that factors such as fear, coercion or economic dependence play in this disturbing silence.

Protective Measures: A Double Edge

They were started 277 protection and safety orders for victims, with 199 of them being adopted and 78 denied. This situation reveals an increase in 13,1% in the protection orders granted, but also, worryingly, a decrease in the 21,2% in those denied, instigating a thorough review of the process and evaluation criteria for such measures.

Justice: Convictions and Indictments

He was prosecuted 308 men during this quarter, of which the 98,4% They were condemned. At the level of the criminal courts, they were judged 377 men for crimes of gender violence, resulting in 84,1% of them condemned. Here we see a judicial system that acts with determination, but the question arises: Is it doing enough to prevent and protect before cases reach this stage?

National Comparison: An Overview

At the national level, there is an increase in 5% in the complaints, adding a total of 48.227 in the second quarter of 2023. The rate of victims of gender violence per 10.000 stood at 19,2, with the highest figures recorded in the Balearic Islands (31,4), Murcia (25,7) and the Valencian Community (25,5), and the lowest in Galicia (12), Castilla y León (13,1), Asturias (14,1) and Euskadi (14,3).

The Way Forward: Beyond the Numbers

This devastating scenario should prompt not only a deep analysis of the scope and nature of the gender violence in Spain and, in particular, in Euskadi, but also a rethinking of the strategies and policies in force. It is worth asking: Are current measures effective enough to protect women and girls in vulnerable situations? Are we as a society acting proactively to unravel and eradicate the cultural and social roots of sexist violence?


The figures represent not only a diagnosis of the current state of the phenomenon of gender violence in Euskadi, but also a call to action. It is imperative that both official organizations and civil society address this problem with an integrative and multidisciplinary perspective, ranging from prevention and education to the protection of victims and the effective prosecution of aggressors. The challenge lies in turning these statistics into a catalyst for change and ensuring that, in the future, no woman has to become just another figure in this grim scenario.

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