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95% of cybercrimes in Bizkaia go unpunished

Laura Rangel Ybarra

September 27, 2023 | 6:00 p.m.

The current panorama of cybercrimes in the territory

Computer scams have grown exponentially in recent years, and with it, the concern for security in cyberspace. In Bizkaia, despite the increase in these cybercrimes, resolution rate is minimal. A more detailed look shows us the reason for this reality.

A desperate resolution rate

Iñigo Pascual, head of the Information Technology Crimes section of the Ertzaintza, points out what difficult it is to stop scammers. Territorial barriers, the lack of international agreements and the very nature of the Internet complicate the process. Only between 1% and 5% are resolved of cases, although there are efforts to stop transactions and prevent money from falling into the wrong hands.

The growth of cybercrimes in Bizkaia

The reality is that the number of online scams has increased dramatically. Only in Bizkaia, incidents of this type have grown 25% in the first half of the year. And, despite efforts to increase the number of specialists in the Ertzaintza to confront the problem, the number of crimes continues to rise.

Cyberzaintza: a new hope

To strengthen the fight against cybercrime, the Basque Government has established cyberzaintza, an agency focused on cybercrime prevention. With an increase in its resources and personnel, the agency seeks to confront a problem that has grown in a 31% in the last year in Euskadi.

The most common cybercrimes and their impact

Of all the modalities, purchase and sale scams and fraudulent charges on cards dominate the panorama. While the former can result in complex schemes where even the original seller can be affected, the latter are usually resolved more easily thanks to the refund policies of financial institutions.

Although these scams are common, love scams represent a greater economic impact for victims.

cybercrimes bizkaia
Pascual emphasizes the need for education and prevention to avoid falling into these deceptions.

The importance of prevention and protection of these cybercrimes

Be informed and be cautious is essential. From checking the age and veracity of web pages, to opting for secure payment methods, the recommendations to avoid being a victim are clear. And, as Pascual points out, anyone, regardless of their age or gender, can be scammed in the digital age.

Change in the profile of the cybercriminal

The panorama has changed. We are not just dealing with individual hackers, but with Criminal organizations well structured. The challenge now is to face this new reality and adapt to the times, says Pascual, with more than two decades of experience in the sector.

The fight against cybercrime is continuous and challenging. Computer scams in Bizkaia are just a reflection of a global reality. With prevention, education and adequate resources, it is possible to face this challenge and protect citizens in the vast digital world.

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