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Durango launches a new discount voucher campaign to promote local commerce and hospitality

Jesus Carames

April 12, 2023 | 8:00 p.m.

Registration open for businesses and catering establishments interested in participating

Highest number of bonds outstanding in recent years

The Durango City Council will launch this month a new discount voucher campaign to spend in shops and restaurants in the town. This initiative seeks to stimulate the local economy and support businesses in these difficult times. All businesses that want to participate must register even if they already did so in 2022.

The deadline to sign up for the Trade Bonds and Gastrobonds it has already been opened. The establishments interested in joining the campaign must submit the documentation through the electronic headquarters of the City Council. Those who have questions or require more information can contact the Citizen Attention Service (SAC) by phone 639 580 023 or by WhatsApp message.

Trade Bonuses and Gastrobonuses available at the same time

Municipal officials have decided that, for the first time since the appearance of the Gastrobonos two years ago, both these tickets and those dedicated to commerce will go on sale at the same time. This will allow consumers to purchase both types of vouchers and use them at a wide range of local establishments.

will be put into circulation 9.600 bonds, "the largest amount in recent years", which reflects the Durango City Council's commitment to economic recovery and support for businesses and catering establishments in the town.

Benefits for consumers and local businesses

Discount vouchers offer advantages for both consumers and local businesses. On the one hand, customers can purchase products and services at reduced prices, which allows them to save and enjoy a better quality of life. On the other hand, the participating businesses and catering establishments can increase their sales and build customer loyalty, which contributes to the economic recovery of the municipality.

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