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Eneko Andueza celebrates results of the PSE-EE in the European elections

Andueza EH Bildu

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 7:32 a.m.

The general secretary of the PSE-EE, Eneko Andueza, has highlighted the "extraordinary" result that his party has obtained in the European elections this Sunday in Euskadi, where it has "close" to victory.

An extraordinary result for the PSE-EE in Euskadi

In an appearance at the PSE-EE headquarters in Bilbao, Andueza assessed the data from this Sunday's European elections, in which the PSOE was the second most voted force in Euskadi, with 25,92% of the votes. , compared to the 18,98% it added five years ago in the previous elections to the European Parliament.

The general secretary of the PSE has described as "extraordinary" the result of the socialists in Euskadi in a "very important event for the future of Europe." He highlighted that his party is the one that "has increased the most in the percentage of votes" and "the first force in the three capitals, in Bizkaia and in Álava", in addition to "coming close to victory in a European competition for the first time" .

Contrast with the state result of the PP

On the other hand, he has pointed out that, at the state level, the PP, which "said it was going to sweep away", has once again "failed" and has congratulated the PSOE and its general secretary, Pedro Sánchez, for "never giving up and fight until the last minute.

Andueza has stressed that, despite the bad tricks, the lies and the insults, as well as the rosaries at the door of Ferraz, the Basque and Spanish citizens have once again demonstrated their confidence in the Socialist Party as the great engine of progress and of the transformation of this country.

Reflections on election day

"Today is a day to celebrate," said Andueza, thanking all voters and activists for their unconditional support. She has highlighted the importance of these results not only for the party, but also for the future of Euskadi and its representation in Europe.

"These results show that we are on the right path," he stated, insisting on the need to continue working with the same intensity and commitment to consolidate these achievements and continue advancing the progress and transformation policies that define the PSE-EE.

The victory in the three capitals and the growth in percentage of votes are, according to Andueza, a clear sign that the electorate values ​​and supports the work that the PSE-EE is carrying out. With a future perspective, he has called for unity and to continue building a project that responds to the needs and aspirations of all Basque citizens.

These European elections have been a crucial test for the party, and the results reflect the strength and mobilization capacity of the PSE-EE. Andueza concluded his speech with a message of hope and determination, ensuring that the party will continue to work tirelessly for a better future for Euskadi and for all of Europe.

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