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Erandio in front of the tides: authorization for walls in portals

Erandio facing the tides authorization for walls in portals

Jeickson Sulbaran

March 12, 2024 | 6:45 p.m.

Erandio faces overflows and activates precautionary measures. Neighbors can build barriers against future spring tides.

On a quiet night that promised to be like any other in Erandio, destiny had other plansWithout warning, the estuary decided to overflow its banks due to the spring tides, leaving in its wake a trail of flooded shops and garages, and a community in a state of alert. Faced with this situation, the Erandio City Council has taken immediate measures, demonstrating that, in times of crisis, prevention and solidarity are more than necessary. The construction brigade and volunteers have taken on the task of distributing bags and offering their support to build small walls that protect the portals and businesses from future tides.

Erandio facing the tides authorization for walls in portals

But what has led to this unexpected overflow? Some were quick to point to the pedestrian bridge work as the culprit, but experts have clarified the situation. Nature has run its course, and this overflow is a reminder of its unpredictable force. The intense rains and spring tides have acted together to challenge the barriers that usually protect us.

The most surprising thing about this event has been the lack of prior notice. Nobody expected a tide of such magnitude, which leads us to reflect on the importance of always being prepared for the unexpected. The Erandio community, now more united than ever, is preparing to face the next high tide with determination and hope.

Unity is strength: Erandio prepares for the next with the walls before the tides

This is not only a story of disaster and despair, but also of resilience and community. The immediate response of the City Council and the solidarity shown by everyone in Erandio are clear examples of how, in the face of adversity, a community can come together and overcome any obstacle. Civil Protection and the Municipal Police have reinforced their efforts, preparing for any eventuality that may arise with the next high tide.

The situation in Erandio reminds us of the importance of always being alert, to take care of each other, and that, even in the face of the uncontrollable forces of nature, we are not defenseless. Prevention, planning and solidarity are our best tools to face any challenge that arises.

As Erandio recovers and prepares for future tides, this experience leaves valuable lessons about natural disaster preparedness, the importance of effective communication and, above all, the power of community. The next time the estuary decides to overflow, Erandio will be prepared, not only with bags and walls, but with the indomitable spirit of its neighbors.

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