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Ertzaintza and local police start campaign to control speed on roads in Bizkaia

Miguel Castillo

April 16, 2023 | 7:00 p.m.

Preventive controls seek to reduce the accident rate and the number of victims on the Basque road network

La Ertzaintza, in collaboration with the local police, is launching a speed limit control campaign on April 17 with the aim of reducing accidents and the number of deaths and injuries on the Basque road network. The controls will be of a preventive nature and will focus on those sections of risk associated with speed and at points with a high accident rate.

The importance of respecting speed limits

According to the Director of Traffic, Sonia Díaz de Corcuera, the improper speed It is one of the contributing factors in accidents with fatalities, along with distractions and the use of alcohol or drugs. To guarantee safe and sustainable mobility, it is essential to respect the established limits and adjust the speed to the circumstances of the road and the weather.

The relationship between speed and injury in accidents

It has been shown that speed is directly related to the harmfulness of traffic accidents. At higher speed, the number of claims and their severity are increasing exponentially. Also, the higher the speed, the greater the distance required to stop the vehicle. It is estimated that, on average, if you are traveling at 120 km/h, it will take a distance greater than a football field to stop.

Surveillance and control campaigns on the Basque road network

These speed campaigns are integrated into a calendar of 45 Traffic and Transportation Surveillance and Control Campaigns, scheduled throughout the year. Surveillance will be reinforced from April 17 to 23 in the streets and highways of the Basque road network.

This initiative seeks to make drivers aware of the importance of respecting speed limits and promoting responsible driving that contributes to reducing the accident rate on Basque roads. It is essential that all road users are aware of the consequences that inappropriate speed can have and collaborate in building safer and more sustainable mobility for all.

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