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Euskadi European industrial vanguard in the next Basque Open Industry with more than 1400 registered

The BOI with more than 1400 participants, Euskadi

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 6, 2023 | 2:30 pm

Impact and Projection in the Basque Open Industry

Euskadi emerges as a leader in innovation and industrial development European, and it is in the Basque Open Industry (BOI) where this primacy will become evident. The event, which will welcome more than 1.400 registrants, is not just a meeting, but the stage where the strength and future of the Basque industry will be presented to Europe.

The BOI is the reflection of the dynamism that characterizes the region, a tangible sign of progress. In the convergence of the European SME Week, this meeting at the Bilbao Exhibition Center opens its doors to showcase the industrial robustness of the Basque territory.

Innovation as a Development Standard

With an agenda that includes more than thirty presentations and around a hundred exhibitors, the BOI stands out for its multidisciplinary approach. The presence of public and private agents, as well as companies, highlights collaboration as a fundamental pillar in the knowledge economy.

The figure of Tom TerBush, representative of the Electric Power Research Institute, embodies the quality of the participants and the relevance of the topics to be discussed, especially decarbonization and its impact on the creation of a renewed and sustainable industry.

SME Support Ecosystem

The forum is not only a showcase, but also a space for learning and support for SMEs. From understanding the help available to validation of emerging technologies, the BOI is a tool at the service of the Basque business fabric. Internationalization and digitalization are presented as crosscutting for industrial development.

Strengthening Industrial Connection

La business interconnection It is enhanced by digital tools such as the Networking Land APP. This application facilitates direct contact between SMEs, startups and driving companies, generating a interactive and collaborative ecosystem.

Trend Observatory

Euskadi, which has climbed positions in the European innovation ranking, turns the BOI into a trends observatory in advanced manufacturing. The discussion blocks address everything from cybersecurity to renewable energies, including Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation.

Concrete Actions for Internationalization

The event does not leave aside the global dimension. With stands dedicated to internationalization, and a special focus on Ukraine, the expansion of Basque SMEs is encouraged. The presence of Basque Trade & Investment allows access to networks and opportunities in more than 90 countries.

Synergies with Startups and Computer Security

The collaboration with startups linked to the BIND 4.0 program underlines the commitment to open innovation. Cybersecurity, a critical aspect in the digital age, finds its place with areas dedicated to advanced solutions.

Innovation and Technology Platform

The Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) and the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center (BAIC) are examples of the commitment to R&D&i, offering spaces where companies can test and advance technological development. The BRTA technology centers complement this vision, bringing research closer to the company.

Spaces Dedicated to Energy and Microelectronics

The BOI's sectoral spaces will focus on energy and microelectronics, highlighting the strategy of the Basque Microelectronics Hub and the importance of the circular economy.

Conclusion: Euskadi as the Epicenter of Industrial Innovation

El Basque Open Industry It is emerging as a turning point for the Basque and European industry. With a rich and diverse offer, is positioned as an unbeatable platform for connection, learning and international projection of the Basque industry. Participation is still open, inviting companies and experts to be part of this event that marks the course of the industry on the continent.

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