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The Basque Country advances in gender equality and reaches a record of 74,5 points

Mairenis Gomez

May 22, 2024 | 3:30 p.m.

The Basque Country improves 1,4 points in gender equality, placing it on a par with Luxembourg and Finland

Euskadi has made notable progress in gender equality, reaching a record of 74,5 points in the 2021 Gender Equality Index. This improvement of 1,4 points compared to 2019 has been achieved thanks to the methodology of European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). With this score, Euskadi is placed between Luxembourg and Finland in the European classification, countries that occupy seventh and eighth place, respectively, according to data prepared by Eustat.

The gender equality index and its dimensions: health, money, time, knowledge and power

The Gender Equality Index (GIE) is an indicator that summarizes social advances in gender equality in six different areas, Employment, Money, Knowledge, Time, Power and Health. This index uses a scale where the value 100 represents complete equality. According to the Basque Institute of Statistics, Euskadi has exceeded the EU-27 average in all dimensions of the index.

Furthermore, Euskadi's greatest advantage is found in the Time dimension, placing it significantly above all the countries of the European Union. In the Health dimension, Euskadi is in fourth position, standing out especially in the State of health, where it is placed first. However, at a national level, Euskadi is below the Spanish average, which reaches a score of 76,4.

Evolution of the gender equality index in Euskadi: a detailed analysis by dimensions and historical territories

In Euskadi, the dimension closest to full gender equality is Health, with 92,4 points out of 100. In contrast, the Power dimension shows the least equality with 63,1 points. Within this category, equality is greater in Political Power (90,2 points) and much lower in Economic Power (52,2 points) and Social Power (53,3 points).

Between 2010 and 2021, Euskadi has gone from 68,9 points to 74,5 points in the gender equality index. Progress is observed in all dimensions and sub-dimensions of the index, except for that relating to the economic situation.. The dimension that has evolved the most during this period has been Power, with an increase of 8,8 points. This advance is due to improvements in both Economic Power (increase of 13,6 points) and Political Power (improvement of 8,5 points).

Euskadi improves 1,4 points in gender equality, placing it on a par with Luxembourg and Finland

Significant improvements in gender equality in the historic Basque territories (2017-2021)

In the period 2017-2021, the Basque historical territories have improved their records in the Gender Equality Index. Gipuzkoa surpasses Álava by only 0,3 points and Bizkaia by 0,6 points. Bizkaia is the territory that has improved the most in this period, while Gipuzkoa has had the least improvement, thus reducing the differences between territories.

Without a doubt, Euskadi continues to advance in the fight for gender equality, consolidating its position in Europe and improving in all critical areas that affect equality between men and women.. With continuous efforts and effective policies, the Basque Autonomous Community is getting closer to full equality, benefiting all its citizens.

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