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Euskadi assumes control of Renfe Cercanías with new horizons for services in Karrantza

Euskadi assumes control of Renfe Cercanías New horizons for services in Karrantza

Jeickson Sulbaran

March 13, 2024 | 7:38 a.m.

A new era in rail transport is on the horizon for Bizkaia with the transfer of powers from Renfe Cercanías to Euskadi.

I tell you, the winds of change are blowing strongly in the Basque lands, especially as far as transportation is concerned. The Joint State-Euskadi Transfer Commission has given the green light to a historic movement: the transfer of powers on Renfe commuter railways to the autonomous community. This, my friend, is no small feat. We are talking about a commitment that involves a juicy investment of 400 million euros by the State in the next ten years to update the lines and trains that make our daily lives easier for so many.

Commuter management takes a new direction

Now, what does this mean for you and me? Euskadi will take the helm of commuter train services in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, covering everything from regulation to inspection. Imagine, having a say over rates, schedules, and frequencies. Yes, we are talking about greater autonomy that promises to adjust the service to the real needs of users. It's about time, don't you think?

Euskadi assumes control of Renfe Cercanías New horizons for services in Karrantza

And the thing doesn't end here. With an eye on the future, Euskadi will also be able to declare new commuter services, even extending the network to areas in Álava that are crying out for connection. Think about it, more accessibility and mobility options for everyone. It is, without a doubt, an open door to opportunities for development and well-being in the region.

But not everything is rosy. As we navigate this sea of ​​optimism, we encounter the turbulent waters of the Santander-Bilbao line. The residents of the Karrantza Valley have been battling for years with a service that feels more like a roller coaster ride than a reliable means of transportation.. Despite the change of management hands, uncertainty remains in the air for them. Understandably, long-standing problems don't go away overnight. However, this new scenario opens a window for dialogue and continuous improvement.

By the way, I wonder, how will this change affect people's daily lives? Will we see a palpable improvement in service? These are questions that time and the management of Euskadi will answer.. What is certain is that we are facing a unique opportunity to rethink and revitalize rail transport in the region.

In short, we are facing a defining moment for public transport in the Basque Country. The transfer of powers over Renfe Cercanías is not only an administrative change; It is an invitation to imagine and build together a more connected and accessible future for all. With effort and collaboration, new horizons for services in Karrantza and beyond could be as bright as they are promising.

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