July 25, 2024 | 3:13


Euskadi expands use of Basque electronic prescription to pharmacies in Greece

Mairenis Gomez

June 18, 2024 | 5:00 pm

This measure represents an important advance for residents of the Basque Country, who will be able to collect their medication in Greek pharmacies.

The Basque electronic recipe, known as e-rezeta, has taken a significant step forward by now being able to be used in Greece. This measure represents an important advance for the residents of Euskadi, who will be able to collect their medication in Greek pharmacies. Greece joins seven other European countries where the e-prescription is already accepted: Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Latvia.

The expansion of the Basque electronic prescription to Greece and its impact on the EU

The Department of Health of Euskadi has highlighted that this expansion reinforces the region's leading role in the deployment of electronic prescription interoperability in the European Union. This advance is not only a technological innovation, but has a direct impact on improving pharmaceutical provision and healthcare across the EU.. It is expected that by 2025, all EU member countries will adopt this system, thus facilitating access to medicines for European citizens, regardless of their location.

From the Ministry of Health, it is emphasized that this program promotes adequate and rational use of medicine. Electronic prescription speeds up access to drugs, avoids unnecessary visits to health centers and eliminates the possibility of losing prescriptions in paper format.. In addition, it increases the safety and comfort of users, who now have more direct access to their treatments.

Interoperability of electronic prescription between autonomous communities in Spain

The interoperability of electronic prescriptions is not new in Euskadi. Since January 2018, Basque residents can access their medication at any pharmacy in the Spanish State by presenting their Individual Health Card.. This system has benefited 528.214 Basques, with a total of 9.135.549 dispensations in pharmacies in other autonomous communities. Castilla y León has been the community where this service has been used the most, with 2.898.443 dispensations, followed by Cantabria, Valencian Community, La Rioja and Galicia.

For their part, Basque pharmacies have served 166.548 patients from other communities, demonstrating the effectiveness and usefulness of the electronic prescription system. This type of interoperability between autonomous communities facilitates the mobility of citizens and guarantees that they can access their medication regardless of their location within the country.

Euskadi expands the use of Basque electronic prescriptions to pharmacies in Greece

The future of electronic prescription in the European Union

The interoperability of electronic prescriptions is a clear example of how collaboration between different European bodies and regions can significantly improve the quality of life of citizens. Euskadi continues to be a benchmark in this area, and its experience and success in the implementation of the e-rezeta serve as a model for other regions and countries. Looking ahead to 2025, when all EU countries are expected to adopt this system, the future of e-prescribing promises to be even more inclusive and accessible for all Europeans.

Ultimately, The expansion of e-rezeta to Greece and its interoperability in other autonomous communities demonstrates Euskadi's commitment to technological innovation and the improvement of healthcare. This advance not only facilitates access to medicines, but also promotes safer and more rational use of them, benefiting thousands of citizens both in the Basque Country and throughout Europe.

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