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Euskadi is positioned at the forefront in the distribution of European funds thanks to its efficiency

Euskadi is positioned at the forefront in the distribution of European funds, thanks to its efficiency

Jeickson Sulbaran

March 3, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

Euskadi leads the distribution of European funds in efficiency, with 365 euros per capita until January, standing out in the agility and precision in the allocation of resources to companies and public entities. This achievement underlines the capacity of the Basque Government to mobilize funds for the recovery of the productive fabric, a priority after the impact of the pandemic. The management of these funds, as revealed by an Esade report, highlights the need to accelerate both the granting and awarding of funds to meet the deadlines established by the European Union.

The autonomous communities in the focus of the distribution of European funds

Euskadi is positioned at the forefront in the distribution of European funds, thanks to its efficiency

In the current scenario, where economic recovery after the pandemic is crucial, Euskadi has demonstrated notable efficiency in the management of Next Generation EU European funds. Although the money arrives in dribs and drabs, once in the hands of the Basque Government, it is distributed with a speed and efficiency that surpasses other autonomous communities. With 365 euros per capita and a total of 808,1 million euros distributed until January, Euskadi stands as a model to follow.

The agility in the distribution of these funds is not an isolated event, but the result of a firm commitment to the revitalization of the productive fabric. This approach, focused on accelerating the granting and allocation of funds, responds to the urgency of reactivating the local and regional economy., facing the consequences left by covid-19.

The Esade report sheds light on the situation of European funds in Spain, highlighting that, Of the 80.000 million euros in transfers assigned to the State, only 32.925 million have been granted until January, which represents 41% of the total. This data reflects the importance of optimizing resource management and distribution processes, a task in which Euskadi takes the lead.

The concentration of funds in a few companies: a challenge to overcome

A more detailed look at the distribution of funds reveals that, at the state level, 72% of European funds granted to companies and public entities are concentrated in just 1% of the receiving companies. This concentration poses significant challenges in terms of equity and effectiveness in the allocation of resources. However, Euskadi, with its strategic approach, seeks to balance this trend, promoting a fairer and more efficient distribution.

The construction, commerce, information and communications sectors, as well as professional, scientific and technical activities, are the main beneficiaries of this aid. Although these data do not include the self-employed, they underline the importance of diversified management that includes all areas of the economy.

Euskadi's position as a leader in the distribution of European funds is not only a recognition of its administrative efficiency, but also a call to other autonomous communities to follow its example. Collaboration, agility in management and an approach focused on economic recovery are key to overcoming post-pandemic challenges and making the most of available European funds.

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