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Euskadi prepares decree on housing

Maria Jose Gonzalez

August 1, 2023 | 8:56 a.m.

In September, the Basque Government plans to present an innovative decree, which will grant the right to housing to at least 34.000 people with limited resources. A step forward for the Basque country, which already in 2015 was positioned at the forefront by proposing the development of this subjective right to housing. An expected advance, but one that has not been without delays and controversies.

The Details of the Decree

The main objective of the decree is to consolidate all current rental aid in a single instrument, thus simplifying the assistance system and ensuring that no one is left without support. Among the beneficiaries, we find the recipients of the Complementary Housing Benefit (PCV) and Social Emergency Aid (AES), as well as the holders of the new minimum vital income (IMV) who do not receive the Income Guarantee Income (RGI).

This decree is the result of a 2015 Basque law, promoted by a diverse political pact between the PSE-EE, EH Bildu and UPyD. This is the first regulation that develops the constitutional right to housing, a right that until now had no use without legal support.

A long and winding road

Despite the advances, the path to this point has not been easy. Criticisms of the delays in the implementation of the decree have not been lacking, already accumulating eight years of waiting. In defense, Iñaki Arriola, Minister of Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport, assures that "to date there is no problem to approve the aforementioned decree" and explains that the administrative process of preparation and processing "will finally lead to its approval and promulgation."

Internal Tensions and Future Challenges

The presentation of the decree will coincide with an atmosphere of tension between the two parties of the Basque Government, the PNV and the PSE-EE, regarding housing policies. While the nationalists have promoted an appeal for unconstitutionality against the state housing law, the socialists see it as an "opportunity." This discrepancy represents one of the biggest internal challenges that the coalition has faced during this legislature.

The new decree, which promises to be a milestone in Euskadi's housing policy, looms between hopes and tensions. Its implementation will be a challenge, but also an opportunity to improve the lives of thousands of low-income people and consolidate the right to housing. A big step in the fight for equality and social inclusion in Euskadi.

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