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Euskadi registers tax fraud of €616M in 2023

Euskadi registers tax fraud of 616 million euros in the previous year

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 12, 2024 | 8:56 a.m.

The tax fraud registered in Euskadi last year reached 616 million euros, which represents 3,8% of the total amount collected by the provincial treasuries

The provincial treasuries notified the Prosecutor's Office of ten possible tax crimes, for a total amount of more than 53 million euros. This figure is included in the 'Annual integrated report on tax fraud in the Autonomous Community of Euskadi 2023', prepared by the Commission to Fight Tax Fraud and collected by Europa Press.

Euskadi registers tax fraud of 616 million euros in the previous year

This document confirms that «From a quantitative perspective, the calculation of debt discovered in 2023, in relation to the measures contained In the joint plan for this year, it amounts to 616 million euros, around 3,8% of the total amount collected by the provincial treasuries in 2023 through self-managed agreed taxes.

This sum is slightly lower than that recorded in 2022, when the fraud detected in the estates of Bizkaia, Álava and Gipuzkoa reached 639,9 million euros

In its report, the Commission also indicates that during the past year, the provincial treasuries referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office reports in which they appreciated the existence of evidence of the commission of ten crimes against the Public Treasury, for a total amount of 53.406.521 euros plus interest. In addition, other reports were formalized to inform the Public Prosecutor's Office of the existence of evidence of the commission of crimes other than crimes against the Public Treasury.

In the case of the control actions carried out on large business groups, the commission indicates that the total result of the actions completed in relation to 37 taxpayers has been regularized contributions in the amount of 27.176.419 euros.

At the same time, The comprehensive control actions of the returns declared by the people or entities that carry out economic activities were settled with 1.715 inspection procedures regarding persons liable to pay taxes for this action criterion, with a total management of 48.071.977 euros.

In the chapter of natural persons or legal entities that carry out activities in sectors with high added value and high fiscal risk, Actions were carried out that have allowed the regularization of the tax situation of 210 taxpayers, for a total amount of 22.328.278 euros, both in the Personal Income Tax and in the Value Added Tax.

great fortunes

Moreover, The verification of taxpayers submitting the self-assessment of the Wealth Tax and the Wealth Tax has been carried out and the Great Fortunes, for the purposes of verifying the correct declaration of the value of the assets and rights. These checks have given rise to 371 settlements for a net amount to be deposited of 1.865.891 euros.

Regarding Corporate Tax, 5.329 requests have been made corresponding to people who do not file Corporate Tax. As a result of these requirements, 747 self-assessments have been submitted and 46 settlement proposals have been issued for an amount of 835.439 euros, plus 1.298 sanction proposals for an amount of 417.076 euros, for a total of 1.252.515 euros.

Likewise, in relation to the Value Added Tax, 11.677 requests were made last year. Consequence of these actions, 2.421 settlement proposals have been issued, for an amount of 5.291.589 euros; and 4.316 sanction proposals, for an amount of 1.808.337 euros, with a total of 7.100.196 euros.

Regarding the rest of taxes, 10.765 requests have been made to non-filers, with 37 regularizations having been carried out for a total amount of 75.339 euros. In the section on the control of census returns, as well as the control of obligated persons who do not file the various taxes, 1.392 inspection procedures have been processed, with a total management of 57.809.360 euros.

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